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A guide is a special type of page on the ActiveWiki that is written with the intent to be a personable guide of instruction regarding a particular niche of Active Worlds. Normal articles tend to cover broad topics and give a general overview of content, while guides exist to carefully explain content and offer solutions to problems. As the general goal of the ActiveWiki is to be a useful resource to the Active Worlds Community, we seek to offer ample amount of ways for users to learn new concepts and in-depth guides are invaluable resources for the times when articles just don't cut it. Because of this distinction, the ActiveWiki has set aside a space for Guides and users can freely host them here.

Guides are organized in the Guides Category. Any user may write a guide (be sure to TAG the article as a guide with the Guide: prefix!) and all users are encouraged to write guides about their particular niche in Active Worlds!

Special Parameters and Privileges for Guide Pages

Guide pages are afforded special privileges that normal wiki pages are not. They are as listed below:

  • Guide Name Space
    • Guide pages should always be prefixed with Guide: to let users know that the page they are viewing is different from a standard article page. This can be done by simply typing Guide:<Page Name> as the name of the page you're writing your guide on.
  • Authority of the Author
    • Unlike normal ActiveWiki pages, Guide pages are intended to be helpful hints and solutions to problems that people encounter in Active Worlds. As such, they are intended to be written by one author or collaborating group, and are typically not updated much after the guide is considered to be complete by the author.
    • This authority extends to the writing style of the author. The writing style does not have to conform to convention, and guides can be written in whatever means most accommodate the author.
    • If you as an editor would like to dispute content on a particular guide page, it would be polite and recommended to visit the associated talk page, or else the author's talk page to discuss changes.
  • Hosting Status
    • While we don't consider ActiveWiki to be a web host and often delete images and articles that are uploaded with that sole a purpose in mind, we find guides to be helpful resources and have set aside the Guide: namespace to offer guide authors a stable host for their guides.
  • Protection Status
    • Upon completion, authors can request that guides be protected by ActiveWiki Administrators. In the event of protection or semi-protection, talk pages will remain open for users to petition changes to the guide.

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