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ActiveWiki Administration
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Administrators are users who have access to restricted privileges and responsibilities that the average editor does not. There are two types of administrators -- SysOps and Bureaucrats. The administrators are generally considered to be the leadership of the ActiveWiki.


Management and moderation on the ActiveWiki has historically been deferred to members of the community due to AWI staff typically being busy with their formal job responsibilities. That said, they have been known to step in from time to time. If you have an issue that needs the attention of a SysOp, it is recommended to contact a member of the community first, and then proceed to an AWI Staff Member if the issue cannot be resolved without their assistance.


Administrators have a myriad of abilities, and the most important and functional will be listed here.


Administrators may protect pages from editing, usually under the premise of vandalism prevention or protecting important templates. The Main Page is a good example of a page that may not be edited -- however, you may still discuss it via its talk page.


Administrators may delete or un-delete pages at any time for a variety of reasons. Most pages that are deleted are done so because they have been labeled by the ActiveWiki as being generally worthless. A blank page with no context, or a page full of profanity and nothing to do with Active Worlds is a good example of a candidate for deletion.

Block and Unblock

Administrators can block and unblock IP addresses, IP ranges, and user accounts, for a specific time or indefinitely. This feature is rarely used and can be avoided by following the Conduct Guidelines.

Promotion/Demotion of SysOps status

Bureaucrats have the right to promote or demote ActiveWiki SysOps. SysOps would typically only be demoted for abuses of power, and are usually only promoted through AWI approval.

Current Administrators

Administrators are made of two core groups -- AWI employees and community members. Members of the community can be made administrators upon promotion by an employee, and though it is assumed that any AWI employee can assume the privileges of an administrator at any time, only four have done so.

AWI Staff

Community Members

Former Administrators