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This is an official Policy of the ActiveWiki as of April 29, 2010, and is enforced by the Administrators. See the talk page for details concerning the vote.

ActiveWiki Administration
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The following rules and procedures have been outlined for the purpose of editing conduct -- that users would understand boundaries that they should not cross while editing the ActiveWiki. Usage of the ActiveWiki is a privilege and any user may be removed at the discretion of the SysOps if they break these rules, or the Conduct Guidelines.

All Pages

These rules apply to all pages under any namespace except User:. This includes Category:, Template:, etc...

Do not insert false information

ActiveWiki is meant to be a truthful, honest repository of information. Please do not insert lies into it.

Do not abuse the ability to remove content from pages

Editors can clear entire pages. Unless you are significantly overhauling a page or otherwise have good reason to, do not do this. If a page is cleared for no reason, the content will be restored and the user is to be blocked for 1 day. The penalty increases upon repeat offense.

Do not spam irrelevant links to external sites

This is pretty simple. That's not to say that you can't have a lengthy external links section, but they should all be relevant or important to the article.

Do not add nonsense

If nobody can understand what you're typing, best not to add it, or try adding it to a talk page and asking for some help.

Do not abuse multiple accounts

Sometimes votes will be taken on matters concerning the wiki. Don't use multiple accounts to inflate a vote. Don't use accounts to bypass a block, either.

Do not use an unacceptable username

If you can't respectably say it in a Kindergarten class, it's not acceptable. This will be at the discretion of the SysOps. Make your name in good faith.

Concerning R and X Rated In-World Content

R and X rated in-world content can be mentioned and included in ActiveWiki articles, and even have their own articles. Some of these content worlds make up an important demographic of the Active Worlds community, and should not be excluded. However, since this Wiki is within the bounds of the Conduct and Content Guidelines, some discussion of the world must be excluded. This includes the restriction of the following:

  • Discussion of inappropriate activity in-world
  • Inclusion of inappropriate or pornographic images in world articles (See Commentary on Uploaded Files)

Generally, an R or X rated world would be best suited to include demographic information that can be described via the World Template and information concerning the type of activities (for example, a world can label itself as Adult on the wiki, but it can not go into in depth discussion of inappropriate activities). Just use your common sense and if you would like to submit anything that you're unsure of, ask an Administrator (SysOp) for assistance.

User Pages

User pages are more lax inthat users can add whatever they want, so long as it doesn't violate any of the Conduct Guidelines or Content Guidelines. Because they fall under these sets of guidelines, some overlapping rules such as not harrassing other users, having inappropriate content, etc. are still in place. Please review both of these guidelines for a full listing.

Otherwise, feel free to be as expressive as you want on a User Page. It's your space!

Uploaded Files

Files (images) may be uploaded to the wiki by means of the toolbox on the left navigation bar by any user. These files must adhere to the following guidelines:

Must be Relevant

Uploaded files are to be relevant to the ActiveWiki or Active Worlds and must be used on a page here unless they were uploaded by the administration for use in-world. This would only be for promotional purposes (such as an information booth in a public world)

Must be Appropriate

Uploaded images must be appropriate for any user to view. They cannot be pornographic, obscene, or otherwise in violation of any of the other guidelines listed here or in the content/conduct guidelines.