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Build 1255 - 1263
Release date

December 6, 2011


AWI Chrispeg

New features

Added Features (excerpt)

  • HUDs replace Windows bars.
  • Faster Engine (*BoostEngine by Activeworlds).
  • Smart cache preloading.
  • Advanced graphic settings (integrated FSAA/MSAA/CSAA and ANISO texture filters in combination with mipmapping, hardware dependend).
  • Remote connections shown in world list.
  • Improved accounts' password handling and security.
  • Contacts ordered by status.
  • Enable/disable windows docking.
  • Laptop/Gamer keyboard configuration options.
  • Using mouse wheel for avatar zoom and camera zoom.
  • Continuous gesture option switch.
  • Auto AFK.

Build 1262

29 February 2012 beta
3 March 2012 release

  • Expanding/collapsing of the Voice Chat Controls dialog kept the talk-key (F11 by default) from working.
  • Updating pressed keys when the mouse left the main window, lead to an issue known as 'Spinning CAV' or 'Max Headroom Syndrom'.
  • Spelling correction for the word "Continuous" in the message file.

Build 1261

26 January 2012 beta
27 January 2012 release

  • Fixed a crashing issue that occurred on object-groups, when they were getting out of view and back into view fast.
  • Fixed semi-transparent appearance in mirror-objects in 1st person for world avatars.

Build 1260

23 January 2012 beta

  • Fixed an issue when changing CAV in front of an inworld-mirror (envi-command).
  • Fixed a race condition when attempting to apply an envi-command as well as a texture-command on the same object and/or the same tag of the object.

Build 1259

17 January 2012 beta
18 January 2012 release

  • Fixed an issue when transparent images (png, gif, masks) used with physics fabric objects.

Build 1258

5 January 2012 beta
10 January 2012 release

  • Fixed shadows where not enabled.
  • Fixed crash that occurred when attempted to modify CAV settings under water, and camera view was from above water level.

Build 1257

9 December 2011 release

  • Fixed eject dialog not displaying IP.
  • Fixed, None-ground group elements were not clickable for activate.
  • Reversed zoom direction when using mouse wheel.

Build 1256

6th Decemter 2011 release

  • Reenabled tourist login.
  • Fixed an issue with registration/renewal timeouts.
  • Preload sound/noise again.

Build 1255

6th Decemter 2011 release

  • Fixed Prof-UIS interfering with embedded IE 9 on Windows Vista and later.
  • Fixed issues with matfx.
  • All 3D UI like chat, web, etc. will go to 5.3, except menu, toolbar and gestures.

Build 1254

7th Oct 2011 beta

  • Scrollbar issue on keyboard controls dialog.
  • Lock Pitch on movers also locked cam pitch.
  • Teleport Home on initial startup.
  • Decreased system memory consummation (pictures, matfx, etc.).
  • Added support for manufacturer independed ANISO filtering in OpenGL mode.
  • Added bump mapping for softraster render mode.
  • Addressed an issue where parts of CAV texture layers appeared semi transparent unintended, on low end hardware.
  • Reduced z-buffer side effects by increasing near clip plane distance.
  • Fixed misc glitches.

Build 1253

19th Sept 2011 beta

  • Added description text to comment in item history.
  • Numpad Keys 0-9 not working right when Numlock on.
  • Added F1 - F10 to reserved keys as long they are fixed bound.
  • Filtered extended OEM_PLUS and OEM_MINUS keys for chat.
  • Some more info goes into the user experience log (aworld.log).

Build 1252

16th Sept 2011 beta

  • Starting Beta phase.

General Fixes (for an excerpt of currently available new features see top of page):

  • Fixed nVidia PhysX crash in SW mode.
  • Fixed issues when hundrets of media streams played at the same time.
  • Fixed autolook feature for avatars.

Build 1250 - 1252

23 May 2011 internal

  • Features see on top of page.


The 5.2 Beta cycle is scheduled to start in September 2011.
Version 5.2 has been released on December 6. 2011.

Update Info / FAQ

  • To run old bots (SDK build 65 and later only!) in 5.2, get the AW SDK build 100, and replace aw.dll in the bot's folder.
  • Bots running on an earlier SDK than build 65 need to be recompiled.
  • The world server must be upgraded to version 5.2. The server is available at the Activeworlds download page for Windows and for Linux.
  • 5.2 got new sets of CAV. Presets from previous versions will not work anymore.

Browser Feature Infos:

  • Use Ctrl+F1 through Ctrl+F3 to toggle bars on/off, i.e. useful for screenshots.
  • Hold the Right Alt key plus the Right Mouse button down to move/drag the bars.
  • Hold the Right Alt key plus the Right Mouse button down and double Right Click into a bar to center it horizontal.
  • Hold the Right Alt and Right Ctrl keys, plus the Right Mouse button down, double Right Click into a bar to center it vertically.
  • Turn the mouse wheel to zoom in/out.
  • Hold the Left Alt key down while turning the mouse wheel to zoom the camera.
  • Find 3D quality options with Graphic Settings (NVIDIA only).
  • Find auto-afk options with Privacy Settings.
  • Find different toolbar sizes in Advanced Settings.
  • Find laptop/gamer keyboard layout settings in Configure Controls.