Managing Your Citizenship

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To become a citizen of Active Worlds, you must first immigrate.

Your citizen name and password are used by Active Worlds to determine if you are a valid citizen and to verify the ownership of the objects that you build.

Your default identity

Your default identity is the citizen account (i.e. name and password) that is used automatically to log in to Active Worlds whenever you start the browser. The browser can only remember one default identity at a time in the aworld.ini file. If you would like to change your default identity to be a different citizen, go to the Login menu and select Citizen...


Type in the new name and password, and make sure that the Remember password for next time box is checked:


If you want not to have your password saved after changing your default identity, then after you have logged in simply click Login and then Citizen and this time clear the Remember password for next time checkbox before completing your login.

Changing your name, password, or email address

If you would like to change your citizen name, your password, or the email address associated with your account, first log into Active Worlds as you normally would, then go to the Citizen Attributes window by selecting Citizen... from the Options Menu.
If you need to move or reinstall Active Worlds
If you are going to completely erase and reinstall the Active Worlds Browser (for example, if you need to reformat your hard disk or reinstall Windows), or if you want to move Active Worlds to a different computer without losing your settings, the easiest thing to do is to save a copy of your aworld.ini file first (put it on a floppy disk if you are going to be formatting your hard disk or switching computers). Also save copies of the files teleport.txt, contacts.txt, telegram.dat, and telegram.idx if they exist. After reinstalling Active Worlds, copy aworld.ini, teleport.txt, contacts.txt, telegram.dat, and telegram.idx back into the new Active Worlds directory, and you should be all set.

Recovering your password

If you need to recover a lost password, you can do so from the Login dialog.