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This page reflects Historical Content. Parts if the information may apply to Cloud Services Configurations.

In order to enjoy the privileges of citizenship in Active Worlds, you must register. As a citizen of Active Worlds you will have access to the following additional features and privileges:

  • Access to the hundreds of unique and fascinating virtual worlds in the Active Worlds universe.
  • Reserve a unique citizen name for your use only
  • Build and own property in any of the many worlds open for building. As a citizen your property remains under your control and ownership, and cannot by deleted by other users.
  • Send telegrams to other citizens.
  • Send files to other citizens.
  • Locate and join other citizens anywhere in Active Worlds.
  • Maintain a contact list to keep in touch with your friends.
  • Choose from the wide variety of avatars available in each world you visit.

Citizenships in Active Worlds are available by subscription. A subscription costs US $6.95 per month.

Billing Options

In the registration screen, it is now possible to select between monthly and annual billing. Note that some universes may only accept one of these two billing types, in which case this control will be disabled.

How to register

To begin your Active Worlds subscription, simply enter Active Worlds as a tourist as you normally would, and then click on the Register Now! button in the toolbar. Fill out all of the fields in the dialog box that appears, including the information about your credit card, and press OK. Registration can sometimes take a couple of minutes, so please be patient while your charge is being processed.

When you register in this manner, you will automatically receive a free one-week trial citizenship. After one week, your credit card will be charged $6.95, and again each month after that unless you cancel your subscription online at

Once your registration has been accepted, you will be logged into Active Worlds as a citizen automatically.

If you do not have a credit card: Please see for additional payment options if you do not have a credit card.

To register by phone: You may also use your credit card to register via telephone. Please call (978) 499-0222 between the hours of 8AM and 6:30PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

Choosing a name and password

Your citizen name and password are used by Active Worlds to determine if you are a valid citizen and to verify the ownership of the objects that you build. Your name is also what other users will see over your head when you speak, and when they select objects that you have built. When choosing a name, remember that many common names have already been taken, so you may have to be a bit creative. Important: Be sure to choose a password that is not easy to guess (example: "secret" is not a good password). A good password is at least six characters long and has both letters and numbers in it.

Never give your password to anyone! Click here for more information about the importance of password security.

Using stolen credit cards: don't bother!

If you are tempted to use a stolen credit card number to fraudulently obtain a citizenship, think again. Registrations are carefully monitored and accounts purchased with stolen cards are immediately deleted. Furthermore, your IP address and any other information will be turned over to your local authorities for criminal investigation. Finally, you will be permanently blocked from accessing Active Worlds. So as a result, not only will you not be a citizen, you will never be able to access Active Worlds again, not even as a tourist. So don't do it!

Questions about registration

If you have questions about the status of your registration, or questions about the registration process in general, please send an Email to