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Hai2Group is a organistation based in AWTeen. The group was founded by the joining of several organisations to form one giant family.


The Hai2Group was created in the Summer of 2005 when iRadio (a small unknown struggling radio station) and MehTV joined together to form Meh-Inc. Early 2006 saw MrMeh joining the Moonlight Heights government thus improving the status of Meh-Inc which would then evolve into Hai2Media with its flagship service Hai2Radio which became well known in AWTeen.

Towards the end of 2006 Hai2Media took over the Moonlight Heights Events Board and in doing so became the largest corperation in Moonlight Heights to date, and changing its name to The Hai2Group. Seeing a lack of group events in the Activeworlds Universe, The Hai2Group create the Activeworlds Olympics with work begining on the Olympic Park in January of 2007.




Activeworlds Olympics

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