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    TextureMode lit | null

Note: the TextureMode and TextureModes commands are equivalent and may be used interchangeably.


This command sets the texture modes of the current clump. The modes were a combination of lit, foreshorten, or filter in previous versions of Renderware. However, beginning with Renderwate 3.0 and Activeworlds v3.0, the browser only supports the lit texture mode.

Texture mode lit is on by default. It causes textures to be lit by any light sources in the world and to be affected by the surface properties of the current material. If texture lighting is off, textured surfaces are lit only by the current ambient light source in the world.


value can be null or lit, other values are ignored by the browser.

You will often find Textmode lit foreshorten in older models. It is safe to remove foreshorten when the object will only be used in Activeworlds.


TextureMode lit # default value

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