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    [#!]TextureAddressMode value

Note: [ ] denotes an optional arguement.


Specifies the texture addressing mode to be applied to all following textures. The texture addressing mode influences how textures are rendered for vertices with UV values outside the range of 0 to 1. The default is wrap. The following modes are available:

wrap - textures are tiled. This is the default mode.

mirror - textures are tiled, but alternate tiles are flipped relative to their neighbors. Unfortunately, many video cards do not support this mode, so using textureaddressmode mirror is not recommended.

clamp - the texture is "clamped" to the edge color where UV coordinates fall outside the range 0 to 1. To avoid certain rendering artifacts, clamp mode should be used on any objects that use masked textures with UV coordinates that vary exactly from 0 to 1.

Note that TextureAddressMode is an extended RWX command and should be prefaced with "#!" when used in RWX files that are intended to work with software other than Active Worlds 3.0 or later.

Also note that the addressing mode is a property of the texture, not the object containing the texture. Thus the same texture cannot be used with different addressing modes in different objects at the same time in the same world.


value is either wrap, mirror, or clamp