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Support AW acts as a parent organization to several AW-related organizations and web sites. It was conceived in March of 2005 and launched on April 23rd, 2005.

Organization Overview


The purpose of the Support AW organization has been long disputed. Per the organizations' own description, "[Support AW's] mission is to improve the likability of Active Worlds, grow and expand the AW community, and increase registration, renewal, and participation."

The Support AW web site offers a wealth of information about AW and highlights some of AW's best creations. Support AW was converted to the parent organization of other AW-related entities under the same ownership in an effort to increase the importance of the organization. Support AW has also spawned other entities, such as the Support AW Awards.


Support AW is owned and operated by Support AW founder maki. Other persons who offer input and assistance to Support AW include:

While Support AW does enlist several other staff members, most work with Support AW subsidiaries such as AWNews.

A Service of Support AW

Support AW maintains the following entities:

  • - Informational resource, organization portal
  • Support AW In-World Entities - Support AW in-world property collection
  • AWNews - Weekly news publication
  • - Informational site dedicated to new users
  • TheBeans - Public build world and web site
  • AWNewsletter - Official monthly newsletter of Active Worlds
  • Support AW Awards - A unique awards ceremony
  • GCTV - AW television station


Support AW was originally labeled as being sponsored by AWNews, as it was AWNews which fueled the creation of Support AW. Eventually, AWNews was replaced by JTech Web Systems, owned by JerMe, who agreed to host Support AW headquarters world Maya; JTech has exclusively sponsored Support AW since.

JTech Web Systems logos are embedded in Support AW ads, throughout in-world entities, and on


Support AW Organization
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