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If you are a Public Speaker in a particular world, the avatar menu will list five additional special avatars that you can choose from.

Note that the special avatars will be listed in the menu whether or not they are actually available in the world. If you select a special avatar that does not exist, you will appear simply as a "Not Available"-Sign or a little black triangle (3.6 and lower).

Adding Special Avatars To Your World

Active Worlds looks for the special avatar models in the "avatars" folder of the world's object path. Specifically, it looks for the files special1.zip, special2.zip, special3.zip, special4.zip, and special5.zip.

Each special avatar can also have four sequences: a walking sequence, a waiting sequence, a walk-to-wait transition sequence, and one action sequence. For special avatar #1, these files must be named sp1walk.zip, sp1wait.zip, sp1end.zip, and sp1act1.zip, respectively. For special avatar #2, these files would be sp2walk.zip, sp2wait.zip, and so on.

It is not currently possible to change these filenames or assign additional actions to special avatars, nor is it currently possible to add additional special avatars beyond the five that are available.