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Selecting Particle Presets

Zones, Cameras, Movers and Particle Emitters all support presets, which are basically versions of the object type saved to a hard drive. To copy an object type (a particle, for example), save the object as a preset by typing a name into the Preset field, and clicking Save Preset button. This is a great way to copy complex objects or effects from one place to another.

When a preset is created, it must be given a name. Presets are saved as plain text files, with a special extension to denote the type of preset. The presets are saved in the Activeworlds/Presets directory. These preset files can be shared with others so that they can reproduce the effect.

The picture shown to the right is a drop-down menu depicting a large number of saved particle presets available for selection.

Preset File Extensions

Some extensions used are:

  • .awz - A zone
  • .awp - A particle emitter
  • .awc - A camera object
  • .awm - A mover
  • .awcav - A custom avatar

If a particle effect is saved with the name "sparkle", then the preset would be found at:

C:\Active Worlds\Presets\sparkle.awp (Installation directory may differ from example)

Preset Sharing

If a preset file is sent to or downloaded by another user, they will have that particle available in the list of presets, and will be able to create that particle anytime they like, without needing to memorize or even understand all of the numbers and settings. Presets built by other builders can be selected in-world and saved by people other than the builder as well. Preset sharing is highly encouraged within the Active Worlds universe.

While the name of the particle textures are stored in the preset, the particle emitter will not work in another world unless those same textures are also available. Thus, the texture names may need to be changed when copying particle effects from one world to another.

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