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Welcome to the ActiveWiki

The virtual encyclopaedia of Activeworlds and the respective 3D universes.

ActiveWorlds , short AW, Home of the 3D Internet, the 3D virtual reality platform with an immersive experience - log in to explore 3D virtual environments that other users have built. Users chat, talk and share or build structures themselves from a selection of objects in private world or publicly owned land of the Public Free Universe.

The intuitive building system allows even the most inexperienced users to pick-up and begin building their own environments right away.

AW::Browser, available for free download, also has web browsing capabilities, voice chat, streaming media and instant messaging which allows users to connect, explore and create more in-depth and interactive environments.

YouMe3D::Collab, the collaboration tool, enables you joining for a chat, or voice and video from your desktop, notebook or phone from everywhere.