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    Disc v r n


This command creates a disc of the given dimensions in the current clump. The disc is transformed by the current transformation matrix and its surface is assigned the current material.

A disc is a flat (i.e. two-dimensional) circle which is often used to "cap" the ends of cones and cylinders.

The radius can be either positive or negative. It cannot be zero. A negative radius create a disc that faces downwards.

The height(v) of the disc determines how far it is displaced up the Y axis. It is usually set to zero.


v is the vertical displacement of the disc

r is the radius of the disc which can be any number except 0(zero)

n is the number of sides of the disc which must be greater than 2


disc 0.1 0.05 8

This gives a disk 1m in diameter and 8 sides with a displacement from the ground of 1m

The example below will create a textured version of the disc above. Always have the texture command preceding the disc command or you will get a textureless black disc.

   Surface .7 .8 .15
   texture ground34
   disc 0.1 0.05 8