Automatic Upgrades

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Occasionally you will start up Active Worlds and see the following:

You may also receive this message when you are already in Active Worlds.

If you click the OK button, the Active Worlds Browser will automatically download the new version and install it. Once the upgrade is complete, Active Worlds will automatically restart.

If you don't feel like upgrading right now, you can click the skip button instead. You will have a chance to upgrade again the next time your run Active Worlds.

Sometimes, the skip button will not be available. This is known as a forced upgrade. Periodically, changes are made to the Active Worlds architecture that make older browsers incompatible and therefore unusable. In this case, your only option will be to press OK to accept the new version.

If you ever have difficulty receiving the automatic upgrade, it may be easier to simply return to the Active Worlds Download Page and download the latest browser as a complete install.