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Television stations

VWTV was an immensely popular AW Television Station that existed from November 17, 2001 to late 2004. The station is notable for its television innovations and world events. In 2004, VWTV won a prestigious Cy Award. In 2008, VWTV returned under the direction of Williams348, with a whole new staff, and new streaming media technology for a brief time with only one show worked on, albeit probably never completed. It is now once again defunct.

Television Station

VWTV as a station was very diverse. Started by Williams348 on November 17, 2001, VWTV offered a wide range of shows, involving news shows, interviews, humorous shows, movies, and game shows, among others. VWTV's script would develop in several ways, most notably a status bar that allowed the viewer to see the progress of the show that was currently airing. Another bar at the bottom was also added, usually displaying the title of the show currently airing.

TheTraveler and God Zedle developed various scripts for VWTV and it's world over the station's existence, one of which being a schedule script. This script would load a specific show onto the station at an allotted time, which allowed for seamless show premieres. Later, Ep0ch and TheTraveler made improvements to the software used in the broadcasting process, allowing for subtitles and feed switches.

VWTV usually showed three to five shows on its regular feed at any given time. Free advertisements were aired in between shows, serving as buffers.

In 2008, VWTV returned under the direction of Williams348, with a whole new staff, and new streaming media technology.

VWTV Spiral Matrix

In late 2003, Ep0ch and Hyper Anthony started a branch of VWTV in the Spiral Matrix universe. The venture was moderately successful, attracting the attention of the small userbase until VWTV's end.


Note: This list is incomplete.

  • A Typical Day in VWTV (Movie Series)
  • Attack of the Xelagots (Movie)
  • AWHistory
  • AWTrek (was in development)
  • Best of AW
  • Build Lots
  • Chatterbox
  • Chit Chat (returning in 2008)
  • Chris Cat Chat
  • Cribs
  • Esp Tonight
  • Fire!
  • Gamers View (returning in 2008)
  • Know Your Cits (returning in 2008)
  • Know Your Worlds
  • Lost in Alphaworld (Movie)
  • Millionaire (returning in 2008)
  • Mole
  • Outlaw the Outlaw
  • Popular Demand
  • Primetime with Goku
  • Real World - AW Style
  • Realms Build Basics
  • Right or Wrong
  • SM News
  • Speedy Trivia
  • Tidus Tonight
  • Tracking the Cys
  • Trash Talk (returning in 2008)
  • Wheel of Death
  • Will348 Show
  • VWTV News
    • VWTV would also film on-site at events or in cases of breaking news.

New Shows for 2008

VWTV World

VWTV World was a P-20/20 world that had tourist access enabled. During important events, such as the Cy Awards, the world user limit was upped to 50 users. The world had several notable features which attributed to its success and constant activity. In 2008, VWTV world was renewed as a P-30 world.


The VWTV Theater building was a large multiplex of individual theaters directly north of the world ground zero. The building contained three theaters, the central theater showed the main VWTV feed, while the left and right theaters aired VWTV Spiral Matrix and VWOD respectively.

Popular shows had an advertised premiere date and time, where viewers could go to the VWTV Theater and watch the show on its first run. Some of these were very popular, most notably movie premieres.

Studios and Filming

In the most recent world formats, the exterior of each studio was uniform. It was a 3x3 stone8 textured building, with a highly customized interior suited to whatever that particular show needed.

Each studio usually contained the show set, an audience area, a staff box, and an 'elite box.' Filming of the shows in studios was very interactive with the audience, which essentially made each filming an event. Minor incentives such as the elite box, which was a special seating area, encouraged viewer participation.

For some filming, such as movies, VWStudio world was used.

Games and Events

In addition to the television features of the world, VWTV was also active in games in events. World floods were held very often, with users competing with each other to stay on a mobile object, and above the water. Paintball was also held often.

VWTV also had, for a short time, a minor RPG. It consisted of scripted role playing battles against world characters such as Fred, a homicidal seagull-birde, and Q, a world demi-god. The battles were held randomly, staged by the world staff, and required the participation of current world users. Many of the characters that were battled were popular, such as Fred, who still exists today as Hyper Anthony's personal bot.

VWStudio World

VWStudio World was a P10/5 world that was VWTV's first privately owned world used to film shows and host events. The world was later upgraded to 10 users to account for its rising popularity and had gone through several formats.


VWStudio's most popular layout consisted of the entire world being one large two-story building. The studios were located all throughout the building and the offices were isolated to the north side.

Studios and Filming

VWStudio contained most of the shows found in their AWTeen location, moved to new and redesigned studios in VWStudio. The biggest change in the studios was the level of control available in a private world as opposed to a public build world. VWStudio allowed the better management of the audience and sets for faster and easier filming of shows.

VWStudio was also the filming site for the first Typical Day at VWTV movie, which is the only documented image collection of the old world that exists to this day.


VWStudio frequently had world floods as a result of the popularity of the Typical Day at VWTV movie, a tradition that continued onto the VWTV world for the entertainment of the visitors. VWStudio also held paintball events fairly often as well, allowing participants to build bases in the unused parts of the world.

AWTeen Studio

VWTV's first location was in the public building world of AWTeen at the coordinates 1761N 410W. The studio is in an outdoor layout, surrounded by water. With a large viewing theater on one end, and studios on the other, the offices being close to the "GZ" of the studio.


Among the first shows to appear on VWTV at this studio are VWTV News, Chris Cat Chat (later renamed Chit Chat), and Speedy Trivia. There were several more shows that never made it past or far past the pilot episodes such as Primetime with Goku, The Mole, The Real World - AW Style, and Right or Wrong.


VWTV had a small but dedicated staff at that time, the regulars consisting of former co-owners Adversariel and Outlaw Star, president Volt, Chris Cat, Goku, Agent Fox Mulder, Ragnar, Sonic and speedysweetheart (now known as Dr. Aki Ross). Few of those members remained with VWTV as it grew and moved on.

Other Sites

VWTV also built a second studio in former co-owner Outlaw Star's Communication City in AlphaWorld located at 24001N 13995W. The build consisted of just a single studio which later went on to become the standard format for which all future VWTV show studios would look like when VWTV moved to VWStudio. VWTV was also present in several other small towns in both AWTeen and AlphaWorld.


Near the end of 2005 VWTV's webhost Acehost Inc. had a server crash losing most of their clients data, including VWTV. As a result most of VWTV's shows, scripts, and content have been deleted. What could be retrieved from backups is now available on the Virtual World Archive.

Virtual World On Demand

Virtual World on Demand, or VWOD, was an interactive script that allowed viewers to watch previously aired shows or movies. The service was very popular, and at one point grew to hosting over 40 individual shows.

Virtual World Archive

In November 2006 it was announced by Brock that IceFlare Network would be releasing an archive of all of the VWTV content that it could gather.
On December 15, 2006 VWArchive was made available to the public through its website on IceFlare, http://www.iceflare.net/vwa/.

Virtual World Archive is an outdated version of the technology that made Virtual World On Demand possible.

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