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Gestures help give your avatar life. These can include things such as waving hi to dancing. Gestures can be used with Avatars to communicate with other users by simple animation. Many of the emotions that you might have used "emoticons" to show before can now be "acted out" by clicking the appropriate Gesture button.

Using A Gesture

If the gestures window is not visible, click on Show in the menu bar, and then click on Gestures. Once the gestures window is open, simply click on the gesture you want your avatar to perform. Different avatars may contain different gestures. If you want your avatar to keep repeating that gesture, check the box labeled “continuous”.

Each gesture has a hot-key equivalent. One letter in each Gesture button is underlined. Just press ALT + the appropriate hot-key letter to send a gesture. That way you can send gestures to people while you're moving or chatting, without having to stop and use the mouse.

Building A Gesture

A gesture can be "built" onto an avatar built as an object by applying the seq command. nl:Gesture