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The Alpha World Historical Society (AWHS) is an organization dedicated to the preservation of historical Alpha World Ground Zero. Original AWHS Web Site That organization was long defunct, until it was resurrected by DMC2U and a number of citizens in 2010 that have renewed an interest in chronicling AW's history.

The idea for the organization formerly came from Subgenius and was led by Chloe.

The society only dedicated themselves to Alpha World at the beginning because Alpha world was the only world for a number of years. The society at the time was concerned with preserving tourist and citizen builds from vandalism. Since then it has gone on to take an interest in the larger universe, primarily concerning itself with the Public Building Worlds.

The Return of Active Worlds Historical Society

With the re-formation of the now Active Worlds Historical Society, the goal is to preserve the history of Active Worlds through the archiving and indexing of historical builds and events, as well as through community involvement and awareness of the importance of an historical record.

  • On Sunday, March 21, DMC2U hosted an all day meeting to discuss the future of The AWHS.( AWHS Museum AW 1501.4n 500e 1.05a 284)
  • "There are so many reasons why one should consider becoming part of an organization he or she believes in. I hope all reading this will consider being a part of AWHS."
  • DMC2U calls AWHS Meeting, "a Success!"

Becoming involved with the AWHS

Anyone interested in Joining the Society may do so at anytime!

Discussion Group

An AWHS Discussion group has formed in the Active Worlds Forums: Active Worlds Historical Society. This group is a good staging ground for projects (such as Bach Zhaa's 'notable build' project and is a useful page to keep tabs on for those interested in participating.


As part of its effort to bring the community in to the effort, AWHS will be sponsoring events to retrieve information or reward users who have kept historical records that they would share.

Upcoming Events

  • AWHS Splash Screens Contest - An effort will soon begin to find and display every Splash Screen that has been used in official version releases. Announcements will be made on AW news media sites when this begins.

AWHS Archive


  1. Mauz's Activeworlds Pages
  2. ImaBOT's Alpha world's Top 100 Most Prolific Builders

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