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A partial list of running worlds in the Active Worlds universe

A world is a self-contained environment of objects, settings and rights that make up universes or a galaxy/solserver. It is offered as a product to citizens. Worlds are run by a world server, which can be remotely administrated by the world administration tool.


The first (and then only) world was Alphaworld, established in June 28th 1995. Seperate worlds other than AlphaWorld became available from November 1995 with the introduction of Pcmag world.

On October 1996, Worlds Inc. began an introductory world server software special for $500, which allowed up to twenty concurrent users. A free trial version were available with a three user limit. The first citizen to host a paid world was Calpantera.


Main Article: World features

Worlds are customizable by varying degress by world caretakers. Aspects such as the metadata, sounds, build features, sky and water can be tweaked. Worlds are also powered by a rights system, in which certain world features can be restricted by citizen number or tourist accessibility.


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Worlds are divided into a grid of zones, which are further divided into a 3 by 3 grid of sectors. Sectors are finally divided into a 8 by 8 grid of cells, which are 10 by 10 meter areas that are loaded by the browser at a time.


As a product of AWI, every legal world is authenticated by the world erver against its connecting uniserver to ensure a valid and paid-for license is used.


World are available in ten annual fee configurations, with varying prices based on simultaneous users. All worlds require a one-time "basic world license" for $69.95. Unlike galaxies and universes, they do not require additional fees for world server upgrades.

For configurations including and higher than P-30, free annual citizenships are included with the world. One example of use for extra citizenships is to assign build rights to them and hand out their privilege password to team members, so their objects are built under one name (for example, "American Builder", as seen in America world).

World configuration pricing
Configuration Size N,S,E,W Extra citizenships 5 Users 10 Users 15 Users 20 Users
P-10 10 N/A $10 $60 $110 $160
P-20 20 N/A $40 $90 $140 $190
P-30 30 1 $90 $140 $190 $240
P-50 50 3 $250 $210 $260 $310
P-40 40 2 $160 $300 $350 $400
P-60 60 3 $360 $410 $460 $510
P-70 70 4 $490 $540 $590 $640
P-80 80 4 $640 $690 $740 $790
P-90 90 5 $810 $860 $910 $960
P-100 100 5 $1000 $1050 $1100 $1150


A world can be enabled with extra features for additional annual fees, such as:

The simultaneous user count of a world can also be tempoarily increased. This costs $5 per day for each 20 user increase, with a maximum of 80 users. For example, a 40 user increase over 2 days is $20.

3D Homepage

Main Article: 3D Homepage

A "3D Homepage" was an entry-level type of world that could be automatically set to a theme, such as atlantis or roman. They are now defunct, although some 3D homepage worlds are still online, such as DMC2U.


As a world is effectively a server, running one requires a host. A world server is provided by AWI for hosting on a third party server, however AWI also offer world hosting at annual fees:

  • P-10 to P-90 - $199
  • P-100+ - $399

In addition, worlds with voice chat enabled have an extra $49.95 hosting fee. A charge of $150 is incurred if the hosting is cancelled within the first 12 months.


  • Prior to version 5.0, world names were limited to eight characters in length. This led to unusual names such as AWChekrs, canonically known as "AWCheckers".

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