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The Active World's V4 Builders Contest, a contest designed to test the builders ability to use version 4 (V4) features.

"The contest was an excellent success. Felt so good to see AWI getting involved in the community like that "[1]


"That world = been a 24/7 party zone since it opened though, crazy lol. Reminds me of back when the community was a lot bigger."[2]

-SW Comit


AW V-4 Builders Contest: Think you are the best builder in all of AW? Prove it!

To join simply e-mail tom@activeworlds.com.

Plots will be handed out on the 15th of December and winners will be chosen December 29th 2006.

The top three winners will receive V-4 builder rights in AlphaWorld.


Thank you to all who participated in this event!

You have created wonderful content that far exceeded our expectations and ensured that this will not be the last contest of this type.

If you have not been to the contest world yet we strongly recommend you check it out. Any aspiring builder can learn a great deal from the techniques utilized by these fantastic creators.

Now on to the winners:

  • 1st Place: Ferruccio - V4s_R_US 0.72S 7.17E 0.06a 128
Won - 3 free months of Citizenship, plus 3 to his bot limit and V4 rights in Alphaworld.

Won - 2 free months of Citizenship, plus 2 to his bot limit and V4 rights in Alphaworld.

  • 3rd Place: SW Comit - V4s_R_US 0.49S 0.42W 0.06a 126
Won - 1 free month of Citizenship, plus 1 to his bot limit and V4 rights in Alphaworld.

Congratulations and thank you.

We want to also thank all that participated in the contest and who voted for the participants in AWVote. The judges had quite a difficult time picking the final two winners and even experienced some controversy and disappointment as not all of our favorite builds were able to win.

After all the judges feedback was tallied each build was rated from 1 to 5 based on many factors. 1 was the lowest rating possible while 5 was the best. The following builders received a 4 or 5 in the contest.

  • OniLink - v4s_r_us 0.60S 31.39W 0.06a 233
  • Sirqus - v4s_r_us 0.0N 27.5W 0.05a 0
  • DimJim - v4s_r_us 8.52S 23.19W 0.06a 225
  • Joshua - v4s_r_us 0.55N 16.72W 0.06a 48
  • Captain MAD Mike - v4s_r_us 8.53N 7.49E 0.06a 46
  • Syntax - v4s_r_us 8.45S 15.29E 0.06a 134
  • Bach Zhaa - v4s_r_us 8.52S 0.47E 0.06a 232
  • vornox - v4s_r_us 7.48N 15.28W 0.06a 189
  • Espilae - v4s_r_us 7.42S 15.59W 0.06a 319
  • Redoubt - v4s_r_us 7.47N 8.82E 0.06a 224 *site empty
  • Ferruccio - v4s_r_us 0.72S 7.17E 0.06a 128
  • SW Comit - v4s_r_us 0.49S 0.42W 0.06a 126
  • Commander Joseph - v4s_r_us 0.43N 7.25E 0.06a 45
  • UberMonkey - v4s_r_us 23.42N 7.66E 0.05a 128
  • White Tiger - v4s_r_us 0.19N 16.24E 0.05a 316

Because of their hard work and exceptional skill, all of the creators listed above will receive V4 rights in Alpha World in addition to the top three.

Thanks again and Congratulations to all of you.