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Wonderful Story

I've been following your growing auto-biography over the past few days and I must say I really have enjoyed it. I see that by the careful way you're writing it you're enjoying this as well. :) It's always fun to see insight into the history of another user... keep it up! :D --Hyper Anthony 03:20, 26 November 2009 (EST)

Thank you, I am hoping to finish it tonight ~ and I am also going to attempt to inspire the community to take more seriously the user profiles, and perhaps record their own biographies. Thank you for the encouragement! ~ Seiya

Jesus Christ

The Seiya article finally got created, and it's disappointing to see it's gotten off to a terrible start. Before I clean this up, some hard and firm rules I believe are to be stated here and now:

  • There is to be none of this personal history crap, unless it's completely provable, backupable, creditable and can be written in the purest of NPOV form.
  • The above is impossible, therefore there is to be none of this personal history crap full stop. No, if Seiya was "gender-confused", that still comes off as bullshit that hurts the person's and this wiki's credibility.
  • Let's just keep it to her Starbuilds, any involvement in community projects (including contriversal impacts. NO PERSONAL STUFF. Things equivilent to JerMe's "resignation" for example.)
  • All of the above is null and void if Seiya herself creates a user account and moves this page to her userpage and adds such information on herself. It's up to the user if they want such personal info or history posted on their own page. Of course, no impersonating sock-puppets, or your ass will be subject to a big 50-tonne ass kicking.

I'm only outlining this due to the indeed pervalent controversy surrounding Seiya. But let's keep it out, ok? Thanks.

And yes, of all people, this is coming from me. -Gnu32 18:35, 25 January 2008 (EST)

My name is Hyper Anthony, and I approve of this message. --Hyper Anthony 00:27, 26 January 2008 (EST)