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Everyone's so excited!
Welcome to the ActiveWiki, QUEZE! As you may already know, this talk page is a free space for other wiki users to contact you. You can always access your profile pages by means of the menu bar on the top-right. Feel free to edit this page, as well as your user page, as you see fit! We love to see new folks around, and we're more than willing to help you get adjusted to the ActiveWiki community. For starters, some links to help you get adjusted to the wiki community can be found below:
  • Community Portal - The community portal is the place for the ActiveWiki to get together and collaborate on projects. The portal has several subpages for discussion and various tips on editing, as well as some direction as to how you can help out.
  • Discussion - If you're feeling chatty, feel free to leave a message here. This is a good place to meet other editors!
  • Questions? - If you have a question or concern that someone may be able to help with, feel free to ask it here!
  • Editor's Workshop - If you're looking for a project to work on, the Editor's Workshop is a good place to start.
  • Administration - The ActiveWiki has some conduct and editing guidelines that you should get acquainted with while you're editing. These are called policies and can be found in the administration pages. The ActiveWiki Administration also offers a number of services through these pages, and are more than willing to help editors if they have a problem.
  • When leaving messages on talk pages, please sign your messages by using four tildes (~~~~); this will automatically insert your username and the date.

Thanks for joining our community, and we hope you enjoy your stay. :)

--Hyper Anthony 19:04, 20 January 2011 (EST)