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The Seiyan Tilde Style is a writing effect developed by Seiya. It is used in Seiyan culture and much effort has been made by outsiders to understand it. The tilde is a cornerstone symbol in the Seiyan culture, and ancient unearthed artifacts show it being resembled on armor and various weapons in the culture.

Opening Tilde is where you implement a (~) which is called a "tilde" into your writing. In most cases it is used in the space where one sentence ends, and another begins, and then it is used no longer in the paragraph. It is between two spaces, to lack those two spaces is considered "uneducated" in Seiyan culture. For example: "Here is an example of the Seiyan Tilde Style. ~ You use the tilde right after the first sentence. But you would only use it once in the whole paragraph." Notice you also retain your end symbol (such as a period or question mark) And capitalize your next word, just like in proper English. Though it is not necessarily always bound by proper English rules.

Closing Tilde is essentially where the style allows for a closing tilde but only on longer paragraphs, generally after a few sentences. The same rules apply for having the tilde tucked between two spaces. It works in combination of the opening tilde Meaning you wouldn't have a closing tilde without an opening one. The closing tilde appears right before the last sentence, for example: "You start with the opening tilde. ~ Then after you write several sentences in the paragraph, you would eventually end it with a closing tilde. ~ But only as long as there are several sentences between the opening and closing tilde would you use the closing tilde."

Special Case Tilde is rarely used, but it is used mostly for emphasis, but is not limited to extreme cases, such as finishing a sentence with a tilde, and using a question mark or exclamation point right after. For example: "That is a really really nice build~!" Now notice in these cases, you would never put a space between the tilde and the chosen symbol. Nor would you put in an opening or closing tilde anywhere after. This is intended for short and extreme exclamatory or questioning phrases.

It is important to follow these rules of grammar in order to properly communicate with a Seiyan, and as well as being taken seriously by the Seiyan culture. To fail at proper execution is to mark yourself as a fool in the culture. Outsiders who can execute properly are given special honor, and it is considered a very formal and polite gesture to use the style when speaking to a Seiyan.