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Robbie is one of Active Worlds more unstable users; usually found lurking in the AWTeen wild, this strange character is likely to smother you in m00se lotion before bump warping you to AWNewbie.

<A picture of Robbie>

Approach with caution, or at least...bring cake. Everyone likes free cake.


Location: United Kingdom

Websites: - Home Page - trueSpace 4.2 Tutorials for AW - AWRWX Repository - Oriox3D Objects & Avatars for AW - AWTeen ^jump point Index. - Web/Graphic Design Portfolio - Curriculum Vitae


Robbie joined Active Worlds in May 2000. His previous citizen names include: Robbie Lewis, Gamer, Nerath and CrossX.

Worlds owned by Robbie:
RL3K and NekraNoX.

Current/Previous organisations in AW:

- AWTeen (OP, Events, JAM)
- AWSchool (Teacher)
- A1CT (Builder)

Builds by Robbie (that are worth seeing):

Gamer Estates - AWTeen 1100s 1900w
Virtual Paradise - AWTeen 2595s 1180e 90
Tiki Island - AW 9000n 100w
North City - AW 3290n 886e (first build)

Personal Avatars

One of the newest features in Active Worlds is the ability to have a 'personal avatar' that a citizen can wear in any world. This avatar is stored seperately to the objects and avatars in a normal world and thus the citizen is able to create an avatar of almost any kind with custom animations.

Creating an avatar is a very difficult process, and creating personal avatars involves significant complexity and understanding. Involved in making avatars for Active Worlds since 2001, Robbie contributed to AWI-ran worlds such as AWTeen, AWRPG and AWCTF.

Since the conception of personal avatars, Robbie had the opportunity to create and test personal avatars both in Active Worlds and other universes. He built a comprehensive understanding of the process and requirements for creating personal avatars.

Recognised by Active Worlds inc, as an official Personal Avatar vendor, Robbie offers personal avatars to any user of any universe (that offers PAVs).