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House of Commons is a proposed elected house of Parliament as opposed to its appointed counterpart, the House of Lords. Governor and ministers may come from either Houses. Anyone who is citizen of or landholder in Palmshire may run as a candidate for one of parliamentary constituencies. The ideal purpose behind the House of Commons is to allow the commoners (defined as those who lacks peerage within Palmshire) to have their voice in the Parliament. First general election (actually a trial election to see how it turns out) is scheduled for period in 2011 between 1 June through 15 June.

House of Commons may vote on any bills present on agenda. House of Lords may, however, vote to vetoes or overrides any decisions by the House of Commons.


House of Commons is to consists of members elected by their parliamentary constituency, whose electorate was to be restricted to Palmshire resident/citizen (by either virtue of holding lands within Palmshire or holding a citizenship granted by the Sovereign on advice of Governor and ministers).


Voter qualification in each boroughs are to be decided by borough's returning officer who oversees election, usually the mayor of largest city in the borough. However, members of the House of Lords and holders of peerage are automatically qualified for voting in election.

Term for House of Commons may not exceed more than a year. Once a year elapsed since last election, a general election is automatically called. Any election disputes are to be referred to the House of Lords for adjudication.

Proposed constituencies for Palmshire

Cypress & Rockford parliamentary constituency (3 seats)
Areas included: Rockford, Cypress Hollow, Stirling, Metaville, Huntington City, Dublin, and Arcadia
Borough Name Represents
Borough of Cypress Hollow & Rockford Rockford, Cypress Hollow, and Deer Creek
Borough of Stirling & Dublin Stirling, Dublin, and Arcadia
Borough of Huntington & Metaville Huntington City, Metaville, and Lexington

Washington & Woodsville parliamentary constituency (2 seats)
Areas included: Washington, Woodsville, and Furriesville
Borough Name Represents
Borough of Washington & Furriesville Washington and Furriesville
Borough of Woodsville Woodsville