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Feature Requests!

Feature Requests!

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The community of Active Worlds has put forward a plethora of feature suggestions, requests and bug reports for the Active Worlds software, forums or otherwise. These requests are listed below in categories and date order, transferred here as an easier method of keeping track of user requests and ideas. Please note that these may apply for the software, universe or external areas such as the forums and even this wiki.

Since this is a wiki page, diagrams and extended explanations may also be provided to aid the user in understanding as well as to help explore further into the idea. If you would like to discuss any of the ideas, see the appropriate forum topic or otherwise start a talk thread in the appropriate category's talk page.

Sources of these ideas:

How to Add Requests

To add a request, find the appropriate category (Software/Universe/Forums) then the right sub-category (ie. Graphics/Building/World Options for Software) and create a new section with the correct prefix:

  • If the request you are adding is a new (or spin-off of an existing) feature, prefix the section with:
=== Feature:
  • If the request you are adding is an improvement (subtle or major, but nothing too new) of a feature, prefix the section with:
=== Improvement:
  • If the request you are adding is a bug-fix or complaint about an existing feature, prefix the section with:
=== Bug-fix:
  • If your request floats between one or two (ie. has two parts to it) then vary it, like so:
=== Feature/Bug-Fix:

Then simply state your request in a brief sentence which describes your request. If your request is discussed in a forum topic, link to it like so:

 [ The Internet is not powerful enough]

Finally, add credit to the request by putting the correct name in brackets after the sentence, with a "===" to close the heading.

Your request should look something like this:

=== Improvement: [ The Internet is not powerful enough] (Gnu64) ===

And now all you need to do is describe it! Tell your story, explain everything! Include diagrams, evidence, arguments (but keep discussion to the talk page or related forum topic), anything! If you want, you can simply just add the request sentence and leave someone else to write-up about it.

Wiki Requests

For the wiki, visit the ActiveWiki:Community Portal for all the ideas and wikiprojects going on. If you have anything you'd like to discuss or put forward, you can always use the Community Portal talk page. And remember, if there's a article missing or one you're looking for doesn't have enough meat on it, be bold! Create it, edit it, contribute! Or simply create a blank page with the name of your request and someone will eventually create it.