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Hi, I Am DJ Razgriz 5.0, Since The New AW 5.0 Beta, I Changed My Name. I Am Usually At School During 7:00-2:30, So I Will Be Offline Or AFK. If You Have Any Questions, Please E-Mail Me At, Or At . Please Note: Any Emails At The Last Email Address ( Will Be Read And Then Sent To My Google Mailbox. I Need To Save Up Memory For Messages From Teachers. I Will Not Give You My Cit. I Had Waited A Long Time For It, And I Will Not Give It Up For Anyone. I Will Not Be Able To Accept Telegrams While I Am At School. And if I Get any "Flame Mail" From Curtis, I Will Immediately Delete it On Sight. I will Not Send It To My Google Inbox. Because I Do Not Have The Time Or The Willpower To Put Up With Curtis. I Usually Check My Emails Twice A Week At School. Gmail Is Blocked There.:-( I Have many Builds. Razgriz Air Base, My Home, My Fortress, And Military Sector. It Is Also Below The SOLG. (Strategic Orbital Linear Gun). I Will Finish this When I Get Home. I Need To Head To Lunch. C Ya! --DJ Razgriz 5.0 12:11, 22 September 2009 (EDT)