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AWFX (cit num 352752) is the citizen used to create the content within the Active Worlds SFX world named AWFX. This citizen is maintained by "s e V e n s" (cit num 7777) along with the AWFX world. It is recommended to use this citizen for requests on content pertaining to the AWFX world. Requests may be for: Textures, Models or other related content.

Submitting Requests:

When submitting a request please include your cit number, an email address in which you may be contacted and what you are looking for. e.g.: if you need a model, then ask for a model but be sure to give the details of the particular model you are requesting. Always include the size, color, and any photos that can be used to reference. Give a description with the request as well. Send your request to the citizen "AWFX" in the form of a telegram.

Please note: not all requests will be accepted and/or accepted at the time you request. Being that work is done for free, the request will be done during the free time I have within my normal daily activities. I will generally reply via email an answer for the request and if and/or when the request would be delivered. Delivery also is based on the complexity of the request.


I am currently working on a large scaled texture house or stock photography website in which any old as well as all new textures will be available on. The website will offer a free service as well as a paid subscription version. Both of which will include the same textures and/or photos with the exception of the free service will have a small daily download cap on it whereas the membership service will have a large daily cap.

All Active World Citizens will have a special login to the website which will allow full access to the textures and photos with no cap on the daily usage. This is my gift to the community to keep it strong within Active Worlds and allow great content to be made and keep the minds intrigued with the latest AW has to offer.