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Citizen of Active Worlds


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won v4 rights in Alpha via The Mars Extreme Builders Contest 2008


mars 1906.20N 967.68W 0.01a 266

AW History

I was encouraged to download ActiveWorlds in 2007. My friend in Texas and I toured different worlds and I loved the world Leaves, and the Canyon. Started building as a tourist in Thebeans. The game was try to rebuild what deleters deleted. Most times I could build everything right back as it was, but then there was that last straw. So I built way up high ... gee was I smart! NOT! They found me. :(

I began hanging around at the gate and met many interesting people. Some very kind and sweet people. Kiwi and Gentle Heart stand out in my heart and mind. But there were others as well. If you are not on my contacts list that is because I dont have one. Due to specific circumstances and events that left me hurt and paranoid, my husband wanted everyone off. Even those that did not hurt me. He wanted me happy and the two of us building together without interference was wonderful.... in quiet solitude.

But I am getting ahead of myself. I won a cit in bingo and then when it was up someone gave me one for a week...then I purchased a cit. At one time I even had 2 cits. A friend of mine at the time told me how he had 2 cits and used one to build without interruptions. I thought that a good idea, but I didnt keep it. but I went back to Thebeans and built 3 of my builds there in my cit name and the deleters could not touch me anymore. I loved building in Thebeans and I was very impressed with Vera, Ferruccio and Digigirl and their builds there. I loved the unicorns there and the sea creatures, and so many things. Then Thebeans just went away. I dont know why but I do hope it comes back. Luckily I have screen captures of my builds there. Leaves also is gone and it was a great world to explore if you love forests, streams, waterfalls as I do. I lived in the North GA mountains and Leaves took me back there.

My first build in Alpha was a get well build, then Kiwi kept on to me about becoming a regular birthday builder. She gave me Ron's or Barnerbee's (RonVondaH) name and I grammed him but never got a reply back. lol. But alot of things were happening in his life at that time and with a certain person. So I just forgot about it.. then Kiwi kept on me about it... lol. And I somehow got the list of birthday names... started building and I thorougly enjoyed it. Some of my first builds were um... rough can I say? lol. but I got better and received many good tips from others. Then there was Ron, checking in on his builds to see if they needed spaces filled in or what not, or just to see if anyone needed assistance. We talked and we learned of each other. Everywhere I went he was there. I called him my stalker... but he was just really very genuinely interested in me. I thought .. how sad he seems as someone had just left him and he had just lost his son and then he was also a widower. I was not interested and yet I found myself going to see his builds and photos of his family. Something kept drawing me back and so I agreed to chat on yahoo then skype ... then he phoned. This stranger from the mother country, so far away, had me falling in love with him. We grew closer each day and had a private engagement ceremony at Dove Valley AW 4156.78S 4580.37W 0.01a 278 a place that we built together and the church there I dedicated to him. We had a bot preacher and his wooden avatar wife played the piano... lol. It was fun. We would have liked to have shared that moment with everyone, but there were things I dont wish to discuss here that pushed us to keep it private. But I can say that I have never experienced so much contempt from people I never even knew. Someone rumored I had died...then I was accused of being a cit who's avatar was a cartoon character. I got a letter from someone who used a fake name who tried to discourage me from being with Ron, saying he was a terrible person and etc. I never answered it, as if I would. lol. It hurt me and Ron. but that email only served to bring us closer together. We were in love. He flew over to meet me in October of 2008 and we married the day after he got here. Meeting each other only served to seal our love. It saddens me that people go to great lengths to hurt others, because they are lonely perhaps or jealous.. I dont know. One thing I do know is this. I met my soulmate in a virtual world... Active Worlds. I was hurt and I made things worse by trying to get someone, anyone to understand. Then I realized I didnt have to do that. I could just let it go. We both made some changes and we dont regret them. The only thing I do regret is that it didnt have to be that way.

So no, we are no longer in the "community" but we still love building together and I thank AWI for being the doorway to our marriage. So this is my story though not a glamorous one, but a story filled with a single miracle. It is my prayer for anyone reading this, that they too may find something supernatural in their experience in AW... that they find their miracle.

A Few Favorite Builds

Our Dove Valley


AW 4156.78S 4580.37W 0.01a 278

HarrisonShire/a joint effort


AW 4168.42S 4601.61W 0.18a 359

Crystal Creek Cottage Entrance


AW 4173.73S 4617.73W 0.04a 180

The Cottage Ron Designed for me


AW 4190.43S 4617.73W 1.59a 180

Tree of Life/a walk through on high vis


AW 4222.63S 4450.56W 0.11a 270

One of 5 anniversary builds by Ron for me/2009


4160.30S 4516.10W 0.01a 272