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Talisan #296829 (AKA John Shipley) was a citizen of Activeworlds. He had been working, creating, living and programming with Activeworlds technology since he immigrated on March 11, 1999. He operated in excess of 10 worlds in the main Activeworlds universe at the same time and was a Caretaker of the world Winter along with citizen MaXPoly. The worlds that he operated were mostly demonstrations of environments that were a small possibility of what the Activeworlds technology could accomplish. Worlds such as Asteroid, Scorched, Quixotic, Seaside, Beaches and Steel showed off space, fire, ice, surreal ocean, dramatic landscapes, and terrain texturing which could be accomplished with Activeworlds. Talisan ceased being a citizen of the Activeworlds main universe on April 9, 2010 when Flagg, the Activeworlds Community Liaison, permanently banned him from the Activeworlds forums without cause or explanation. His account is currently set to expire Nov 16, 2010.

He operates two websites:[1] which is primarily a list of links to other websites he often visits.[2] which is primarily a portal to Activeworlds sites and which shows off many AW screen shots.

A short list of some worlds Talisan has worked on:

Talisan's worlds no longer exist with the exception that five of them were repurposed for display by Activeworlds, with the remainder being shut down and unlikely viewed again. The worlds named Asteroid, Serene, Scorched, Seaside, and Beaches were copied, altered, and renamed to AWShow_A through AWShow_E with the cooperation of Flagg, the AW Community Liaison, for the purpose of showing off AW Technology. The alterations, which Flagg requested, were completed Feb 14, 2010 by Talisan and handed over to Activeworlds custodianship. During a follow-up phone call between Flagg and Talisan, Flagg expressed the desire for additional changes but did not enlist the creator to make them and would have a 3rd party make the alterations. These 5 AWShow worlds remain closed to public viewing and will likely remain that way.

Screenshot of the world AGTA, a possible cross platform environment
Screenshot of the world Serene, a large island with a small town
Screenshot of the world Asteroid, a space, asteroid and planet demo
Screenshot of the world Beaches, a demo of a large terrain and mars like environment
Screenshot of the world Quixotic, a demo of a cold climate environment
Screenshot of the world Sandbox, a public build world with V4s turned on
Screenshot of the world Scorched, a demo of a very hot environment
Screenshot of the world Seaside, a zen like environment on another planet
Screenshot of the world Skyhouse, a cold environment with an ice world model
Screenshot of the world Steel, a demo of terrain textures, and public build
Screenshot of the world Winter2, a demo of huge terraforming terrain
Screenshot of the world Imperium, a potential game environment
Screenshot of the world Winter, a huge public building world with V4's for citizens(P-2250)