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May 1999

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Stanly was first decided upon as a user Identity back in 1999, as this was the middle name Stanley, but as AW already had one with an e, there was a suggestion for without, and so it was adopted, however virtual reality design for me did not begin with Aw, it began a long time prior to that and some, topics that would end up in the end be explored through AW had first originated prior with several other programs Folowing many tests for a good 3D modeler that could do walkthroughs and away to enable me to Ultimately share these environments with others interested, including my father. I will attempt to explain as best as I can on what in the end brought me to AW and what happened during those years, as you will see or rather read about the type of person I am, my character and my methods or as they say what makes me tick in some expresion, I may not be the greatest of writers on here, but I will try, there has been alot that has happened in all that time and that still happens even today. Well I better get on with it then.

Character of Stanly~ A builder who is known for his realistic looking constructions and engineering designs, usually taking reference from real world references or based on real world references. He has a love of many interests and usually takes great pride in building recreations of ancient or old architectural structures, this can vary and there can be the change of subject which may also include some wacky creations. His builds have at times been known though loosely through the name DSCreations, where by this stems from a "virtual construction company" (DSCreations pty ltd) which has so far 2 offices in Alphaworld, however this has not involved the other engineering topics, such as the RMS Titanic, or the assorted ships and other constructions that he has been involved. Stanly is best known for his style and ingenuity to squeeze, traditional architecture and design among assorted world limitations. His dedication is to preserve history and to demonstrate to others what is possible, if you have the idea in your head then try to see if you can build it, it may be that possible than you may have realised. And he has been known to at times even try to lock the "Building inspector" away, in Toilets occupied with big thick books or locked away in the "Bi Incarceration center" hehe, is that too over the top.

3D Ideas on paper before the PC~ Back in the days before I first acquired my first computer of my own, I would sketch out designs and ideas relating programming and building a 3D Simulator that would allow me to walk through and or fly around one of my favorite Ocean Liners of all time, the Titanic, my basis was as per at the time in School when I had my first go at programming, though they were simple drawings, but to me it opened I thought possibilities and from that, this being Pascal I began dreaming of a project that I would in the end attempt to several times try to create. We were instructed to draw a picture of 2 roads and some buildings, which I did very well with an isometric view instead of the usual straight on one that most others were doing except another that did a top down view. At this time I was sketching many ideas and concept keyframing on loose sheets of paper. It would be years before I would be able to purchase my own first computer.

First Computer and the beginnings of my digital creations~

It was about April of 1998 when I first acquired my first computer, bought second hand and I was ripped off at the time with the value, not knowing much about IBM compatibles at the time and after all eventually discovering I had a very old one, 8088 to be exact, yeah but in the end I began some interesting stuff on it, that was till I upgraded again to a 386DX, when things then really began to take off. My first attempts of Qbasic after looking at Basica and Gbasic were failures, well I did though fix one game which was interesting and got it working, which was a 747 simulator, quite involved for the time that it was originally programmed, anyway I then looked at Batch, which is where my very first Titanic 3D sim began though as it worked it did though show that that method would have been so time consuming to do frame by frame as I had, try and run it today and it zooms too fast you see nothing really hehe, oh those were the days, that computer was upgraded further, my father got the 8088 for awhile before he passed it onto another friend of his, the 386DX in the end ended up as a Pentium 166, after a 486SX board and a CD and sound card being added etc, the days when upgrades could be done with not much troubles.

The search for a 3D Program

Like I said before my first 3D simulator was a batch script of files that ran a keyframe animation, where each image was created with the Ascill codes and a clear screen between each, it was time consuming to create but worked even though you saw the flicker between each frame as the screen would replace itself, today its more of a blur, two quick to see much, but was great for the time, after this then I tried other utilities, shareware and store bought programs. The first real good 3D modeler or builder was Key design center 3D, it was eventually upgraded to Virtus 4.0 In this I created many assorted simulators that I could walk and or fly through, including many relating to the RMS Titanic, other simulators related to many other world types, from recreations of architectural buildings to some more wacky ones, to space stations, cities under water, ancient Egypt, and once I discovered AW even designed a GZ for myself to be in Alpha world, though my ideas were abit off from what I thought would have been possible in AW at the time. This program allowed me though it was limited and was mostly for doing up building interiors as a basis for interior design, I had allot of fun in it, though I then felt I wanted to find away to do this stuff in an environment that I could share with anyone else, even any friends and my father, so I looked at other 3D engines, found a 3D Engine list at the time listed over 300 there’s over twice today, and began exploring those options, looked at vrml concepts, and about this time had bought a big yellow internet directory, have not seen one since and my father now has that book, which might have been the thing that I had found AW from, I cannot recall exactly, but during these searches I discovered AW.

Enter ActiveWorlds

It was about 2 weeks before I became a Citizen that I first downloaded the browser, after reviewing the entire website on every reference and info which was a small site at the time, there was not much in relation to screenshots and the overall map was interesting to say the least, so I downloaded the program and when it was installed and I had the user screen popup for an id, I tried Stanley and went in for a bit, at this time I do not recall ever building anything as such and if there were it would have still been around to this day, I explored the worlds, and then had ideas when I found I could build in here and that anyone could be around so share the designs, so I began to think on designing an area in Virtus 4.0 though my ideas were beyond what at the time were completely possible though it’s not to say that something resembling could have been tried out, and indeed eventually I did try to replicate it once I did begin to build, but that was later.

Enter Stanly~ Well the time came after exploring some small areas and seeing some possibilities, especially with the ability to share any builds with others, I then decided that well I should register and get a full citizenship, and in May as it was on a certain date Stanly was born, with trying to register Stanley I found that a Stanley was already registered and somehow I was suggested a version of Stanley without the " so I accepted and that is how I ended up as Stanly without the "e", more design followed and exploring, but eventually as according to my build history I then hunted for a place of my own a site that would allow me to build allot, I never though really knew on how much land I had available and that is still available to this day, locating a site where a set of about three old teleports and a long gone art gallery on the other side, the road was short, that now has grown and the first panel was then laid in December of 1999, that was first a road piece road1.rwx, to first extend the road abit longer and then locate the position of my driveway, the beginnings of what would be of many builds in my AW history.

Stanly spreads~ My construction began to grow, and other ideas began to pop into my head, other concepts, I first completed this mansion gradually around February I think, and then decided to as I was right into Stargate SG1, and had designed a GZ in Virtus 4.0 for this, I had the idea to attempt to build it, though was still not that familiar with the range of pieces I could use from the object yard that I had first discovered. And so I ended up with many overlaps, this is still true today, It still stands today with a historic marker, similar to the ones that are placed near the new GZ, same style. The Cheyenne mountain complex though was a failure and in the end I would begin to demolish it after many years. A castle was built and a small port, at about this time I had met online outside of aw someone and eventually I would begin to use aw as a design platform, that being, a concept house was built up on a hill, it still stands currently today. Also plans for Cleopatra’s temple were begun but did not go too far and also ended as a failure, these would remain for years. Another idea came about to build a devoted house to my then gf, the first of several, devoted builds. In these days I brought my father through and had no friends I was quite a loner, not much into talking at the gate as such and not knowing much more about the world AW, At one time even my father became a citizen for a short time, mostly coming in when I was in, exploring certain worlds. At this time I was in Melbourne, Victoria and began thinking of relocating up to Brisbane, Queensland to be with my then gf. There were times I managed to bring her in after asking her to download and install it, my idea was so we could spend time together in there and have fun, in the end I would find out that she was not really that interested. I made the move to Brisbane in April, beginning a new life’s chapter.

A very Dark day for Stanly came

I cannot recall when it was however around the time of 2001,on one night, I switched on the computer and tried to enter into activeworlds, where instead I was requested with a popup to install the latest version, cause the version I had was now out of date, and so I then downloaded and attempted to install the newer version like other updates had been at times, however when it came to running the program, I had the most heart breaking moment, a black dark cloud appeared in the form of a popup message box informing that aw cannot run without an updated video card with more ram and the latest version of direct draw it may have been, this essentially spelled the end of my AW life, as my computer was then to outdated and at the time I was unemployed as I had quit my previous job from Melbourne due to no way of transfer they only had the Melbourne and Canberra office so I had to quit it in order to come up here. I could not afford a new computer and so I had to notify to cancel my subscription to activeworlds since I could now no longer get in there anymore, I felt that it was over, and did not think that I could return again, if it were still around. The job I had previously was as an “Architectural Modelmaker”, It would be years before I would be able to return.

The time between

With this I really felt it was the end, of AW for me and felt I may never be able to return to my builds, during that time, many things happened, in real life and a few digital. for example I had to take a course and chose the diploma of multimedia, which after 2 years part time, completed, though it did not really effect in landing a job I was still unemployed, sometime I had ideas of making money from designing games, and so with the purchase of 3D Game Studio A5 since I had bought a3 earlier but never could get through it, this one had more features, which helped having some editors, rather than just a compiler, I did in the end create several walkthrough simulations in that, mostly photo galleries and walkthroughs of some railway sheds, actually developing games, I had attempted a couple of projects, but got stuck in wanting to add my own character models which in those days, organic modeling was not my thing hehe yet I wanted to learn. I researched other tools for 3d Simulations, did sketches of prototypes, and reinstalled Virtus at one time, reviewing my old Sims. Another interest that had been around for sometime eventually began to grow once I discovered that I was not alone with it, heartbeats, which is still a strong interest among my many other interests, me and my then gf got engaged 1 year after moving up to Brisbane, eventually we had kids, 2 wonderful kids, son and daughter., through assorted projects for work for the dole, I began getting a name for myself, for my expertise and helpful nature in assorted graphics and other things, completed a certificate in business administration, still though no one would give me a break, no one would give me a job, due to my history of industry experience, being only of a Architectural modelmaker, other than that was having no luck in finding another job, till the boss I currently have decided to give me a go, and interviewed me, it was for a programming position and I felt that was strange, it was organized by a work coordinator, and during the interview they said it was easy, yet I was surprised and in not knowing what they did I was even more curious. But after a short test and something extra I did and demonstrated my willingness to design, there was some cad involved too and I even designed an entirely different design that was based on the standards that I had learnt in that week, plus I did something at home to show it in 3D and that convinced that I was a very good choice to employ, in the end it all evolved to where I am today, where I design more in 3D and rend for marketing and or client approvals.

Rebuilding character strength~ During this time my then Fiancée decided to upgrade to a new computer, help purchase one for her mother and decided to pay for mine so I could pay her back gradually. That computer was great at the time, so much more power than I have now, yeah you’re wondering now why is it that I ended up going backwards after some years, I will; explain in due time. one of the things I thought about was to have another go in AW but I did not, in the end and left it longer, concentrating on trying to learn more about game dev, even learning through tutorials in programming visual basic the express version, developed more game ideas, , tried to get some modelmaking done but gradually I was not getting the time to do my stuff, as I was being ferried around doing everyone else things, only getting computer time at night after my fiancée would go to bed, eventually the relationship broke down. And as time went on I felt that we were getting more distant, several attempt to talk but she would not listen to me then, calling it a winger. It got worse and I would end up feeling so frustrated on the inside cause I was not getting the love , respect and appreciation that I should have been getting, this did effect me so much, and I many times felt more interested in staying at work later or hang around in the city a bit more so I would come home abit late, since I was not getting a greeting at all and cuddles were a choir for her it seemed, less of those, and I was just given jobs to do, nothing of mine meant anything, I had a few things damaged due to her not caring on them so would allow the kids to play with and sometimes ruin, I don't want to tell you everything there was so much that in the end I just had enough and needed to get out, after speaking to some friends online and a couple of people at work, like one said this " Think about it, what do you see in 5 years, any change or would it be still the same, would you see yourself still unhappy or could you see a change ever happening,?" and that got me thinking, this was not going to change and I wanted to be happy I was not, so as the hardest thing especially with kids, I just had to for my sanity, so I broke up from her, eventually I discovered after the breakup that she had been trying to change me to what she wanted ever since I came up here, did not like me as I was, and am. It is one of the most hurtful things to have to do and the most scariest, a breakup, when you had never been on your own you’re in another state you have no one else at all and you have to now live on your own, this was going to be something, but look at now I am still here, but only just managing. Another thing I must add too, that sometime back then before the breakup, some months prior, my then faster computer, decided to die after barely lasting 2 years with troubles for a whole year which could never be pin-pointed by the computer techs, each time, it was too random. My boss came to my help and lent me his spare laptop for some time, as it was sitting around at the time.

Living on my own~ I had been in that relationship for 9 years about, and finally find out the truth afterwards, it was so hurtful, eventually I met someone else, this time from America, and though was incredible relating to one of my other interests. I began living on my own but visit my kids every 2nd Saturday at the time.

Stanly Returns to AW briefly

I don't recall exactly which month but after some contact by email and referencing to regain my rights back of the name and of my builds, I was finally able to come back, checked the location and was so surprised to find them just as they were since 2001, one of the first changes was to demolish the devoted house I had built for my now ex-fiancée and turn the site into a memorial park for the relationship, only several bits still remain today, another thing I could add is for a time I began to leave tall construction cranes on my builds, with a label at the top, "DSCreations pty ltd" A virtual Construction Company in Alphaworld, a railway station was begun, and the Cleopatra temple began to disappear, a new mansion was begun so was the RMS titanic, though a simple version at first, as well as an outline of a human heart image, in mars I began to build a base and so is when I began to spread out to other assorted worlds, this then ended abruptly around the October of 2008 due to real life expenses going up and pressuring me like child support was doubled and I had a purchase of a Vacuum cleaner that needed to have a feature to power brush as this carpet in the unit was never cleaned before I moved in, it had grains in the carpet too. The place I live is not very good it has so much wrong with it yet everywhere else is too expensive for a single person though to rent and this also has been putting me down allot. Me and my gf number 2 shared many times online, we even shared heartbeats with computer microphones and would listen to each other’s and chat allot, when my membership for activeworlds expired as my credit card had maxed out I let it go due to at the time, the expenses of everything else were giving me so much pressure.

Stanly is officially Back and meets a friend

Well it was about February of 2009 when I finally was able to try again and return to AW, this time to hopefully stay. and one of the things I found different was that there was this Global Chat system, which I then saw people chatting in the chat box from other areas of the world, I was now no longer alone in the world as I used to think, on one of the chats within about the 2nd day after returning, I discovered someone interested in coming over to check out my builds, and this was Seiya, who told me that only a week prior had been exploring about 2 blocks away and had stopped, whereas thought that if she had continued that direction that she would have discovered my builds, she was so surprised that she had missed out by only two blocks, she found me working on the Titanic's bow, Earlier version, she mentioned of a black ring structure she had seen in the alphamapper and thought we could both check it out it was close by, so we both headed that way, this is when I discovered more possibilities than I first had imagined in Alpha, something built in 2004, named the Golden Gallery, we both inspected it all over, which after that she invited me to join her at one of her first labs and this really opened my eyes on what was possible, seeing this amazing designer of organic and extreme architectural masterpieces of housing, most were empty, but all were simply amazing, we added each other on as contacts, My very first Friend in AW, she was amazed that when I had begun was back in 1999 yet had not known a single person in aw at all or heard of me as such. A short time later I met another incredible builder, Mariane who was also incredible even with her town planning, she showed me her town and invited me to build in the town, offering me a large 100 square plot, first time to build in a town or to build in another area, that’s not initial of my own. And also the first time I had begun to spread out since my escape to Mars for the mars base 1.

Building requests in another town~ I was requested to build in a town known as Pippinvile, at first Mariane joined me on board my Titanic, and after the quick inspection, we then headed to a new area she had established including a shopping mall, she picked the plot , and prepared it for me, and that is where I built my modern mansion, she noticed my building style was different too, even how I would install, workers cabins, fence the site , and treat it like a real work site, even install some scaffolding, gradually she would pop around or spy from high above with the birdie avatar, and teach me certain advanced techniques, which I use extensively, today.

DSC Tower and some recognition~ Another construction built in Pippinville at the time after a few weeks, was multistory Tower, it was based on a design I did in 3D studio Max at the time, however as my design would max out the possibilities of completion I shortened it to 10 stories for Alphaworld, as I began to build this tower I used the new commands that I had only recently been taught to great effect, to get around and trick bi, even delivering several airmail to her mailbox at her apartments close by. I was also alerted that I was, well my tower was gaining some attention, even from AWI itself, but never could confirm it though, but at the time I was told that I was being watched for the completion of the tower, so obviously I gave a big impression, that was interesting, I added in an elevator, picture galleries and even a penthouse level, at first was building it like a real one if it were real with scaffolding on the exterior and big signs waving in the wind DSC Constructions, plus the proposal picture, and coming soon signs, placed around the entrance, safety beacons were also installed at the top since there was an airport close by.

A name and recognition for himself

With the construction of this tower and then a little office at the front of my modern mansion for my virtual construction company, like one person said who would have a big tall construction crane in their front yard, my cranes were beginning to be known, they were simple, though and they at first became abit of a trademark in themselves, I began a laboratory for testing and illustrating techniques, eventually I would add more sections to it, as a giant heart began to form of a temple to the heart, made from rocks and beating, a project though its concept was clever I would still have it unfinished even today, due to the coding of astarts, this was the beginning of the spread of beating hearts through Activeworlds, mars base was extended more too with a new section- "base2",this had a missile control center setup and a generator complex, plus some accommodation quarters. I had begun to add more details like maintenance boxes and crates to give it more of a facility in use at least. And to be more realistic.

New world, and some further testing of new skills~ Mariane had just recovered an old world, known as AWSeason, it was a world that would at set times of year change to different themes, one of these were the one with unicorns, and faires, it was well done for its time, at the time when I first arrived it was mostly in a mess of missing objects or textures, and took some time to restore it, once that was done then new builds were begun, including an area setup for me, where I built within the theme a large set of stones in a ring little like stone henge, there was a stue near by and some ruins of a few temples. I was given V4 Rights in that world and was taught how to use them and how to be spareing with them working around lag, how not to use too many and scalling of particle emitters. another trick I did or call it a surprise thought it was funny at the time, Mariane had gone into afk while hovering around my area, and so thinking that I would help give her avater a rest thought it kindly to build a floor or platform below then some arches a small chamber then evolved with a seat and after that I continued working with stairs a pool below with branches, ruins of the stairs, section of railing falling away etc, she liked it but thought it was cheeky though. I had introduced my latest girlfriend into AW also for sometime and we ventured to several worlds, known as Diva but as a tourist only, so it was some limitations on where to show her but it was great many times we tried to pretend that we would want to feel each others hearts, with the hand test move, then angle enough so that it apeard that our avaters hands were on eachothers chests, it was abit of work though eachtime to get that position right, and many times we would even share our heartbeats with a microphone through an external messenger program, while we would explore. when AWSeason was oficialy reopened to the public Diva was able to join in and even dance at the celebrations,help in a hidden disco under a mountain, I built another structure that had a darkened zone and light pearing through a small hole in the ceiling onto a glowing speare on a plinth with several murals on the side walls of the chamber as you would aproach the entrance a dead tall tree would fall over in front of you, meaning you had to climb over it to reach the chamber, I was so proud of that build.

New build area far away~ A new location was setup for both me and Mariane to build large areas away from anyone else, beginning fresh, first was to claim land, I was taught the way to claim land easier without overlaps, and faster, though a huge area each was claimed, we began with a road in between, in short time that was given a request for removal and then we claimed that, she tested two other objects in the area bridging the postion between both our lands. her grand plans were for a new city, Crystal city. then we were given another project as Mariane was given by AWI a new world to experiment on another theme for awseasons, it was to be of ancient, Rome, Egypt etc and then down deep underground a forgotten alien city after venturing so many tunnels down deep, concepts were though about, and concentration of the surrounding lands around the GZ, including an Egyptian city with a temple and some way I began playing around with the sequences, just abit of fun, but came up with other fun possibilities, including a crow circling above a spilt loaf of bread, some others doing crazy stuff where like one was using the dogs leg up sequences while another was praying , then another had spilt wine and was telling a priest who would at first be waving his hands then sweep his hair back, or priests in the temple going back forth, oh it was fun, a pyramid with all kinds of tunnels and chambers with booby traps installed, at about this time I began to experiment with Truespace, and I wanted to add, as eventually I had my Sun boat of Khufu added in the world, where it then sat in a small bay with a temple surrounding it.

Part break from AW

Then June 2009, I had my then latest GF fly over here from Seattle for 3 weeks to stay with me and spend time together as well as go out to a few places, during which time as we both were into that other heartbeat interest we enjoyed stething each other as well, made a special recording too, I did not go into Aw that much, but did begin on a Australian farm build, with a sheering shed copied as per a cardboard model that a book I had, featured in it. Those 3 weeks were amazing and at the time I really truly had felt that I had found my soul mate, she seemed that interested in all my interests, even modelmaking, I even made a custom ring from assorts bits I bought at a beads place and assembled it, a custom engagement ring, even cooked her a nice filling pasta dish then proposed to her on my knee, like I had done all those years before with my first one. I really felt I had the one and that even though the time would be sometime, I was prepared to wait, she flew back, there was talk in AW for a Winter theme park competition on the following month, I thought this would help me with the distance abit, we still shared each night then for nearly a month. Sharing as in broadcasting through im the sound of our heartbeats with computer microphones, she would tend to fall asleep in her chair to my heart at times, it was great at the time, that was till around the 20th of July.

Winter Theme Park Competition 2009

After about 2 weeks, this being 2 weeks after Diva had returned back to the USA, Mariane thought that this competition would be a good thing for me to join and Seiya even agreed, it would be a chance for me to win v4 rights, as every builder that went into it would win v4 rights for their chosen world, also other prizes were on offer including a world of their own, so Marianne decided to team up with me since we had to be in teams and as Marianne had all the awards and did not need anymore, but wanted me to gain V4 and see if I could win any prize. Her idea was that she was only do little of the surrounding but leave me to my creativity, in the end I did some concept sketches and finally chose the design of a Roller coaster, it would work with the method of movers something I was unfamiliar with but several organizers, including maxpoly and Talisan helped to demonstrate to several of us, it was a great atmosphere we had even building music, as Maxpoly was also Dj for the world, the build next to me had Bach Zhaa and Tunablues, now I really got to meet Bach here more and in the end he helped with a few things especially the movers, , he loved my coaster though a very complex idea and choice of object to use but it worked well, looked cool and as I built I got to get a hang on the manipulation of the angles for it to turn, it was spiraling around a tall tower with an observation platform. Marianne even tested a cloud effect which gave a very bark black cloud looked very suspicious as like something ungodly were being performed at the top, and it was even at the time being featured in the forum posts relating to the competition, generally the shots did feature many times my tower in view. I think again I heard another thing that AWI were watching my build too of this.

Breakup number 2 very hurtful day

One night I was texted on my phone it was about the 20th of July and I was told to get home as fast as I could there was a discussion awaiting for me for that night after work, so I tried to get home as fast as I could, and got online, ready for the discussion, there were some things that my then fiancée, had to say and explain, she said it was a hard choice to think about and told me she had been crying earlier in the day, about it, then explained that she had decided to breakup, saying that it was seeming to hard to do this be so far, saying that the costs of immigration were too much saying she could not afford to save up for it and could not wait for a year or two to be together as such, I was so hurt, I tried to talk her out of this, but after a lengthy chat through Skype on cam, it was the end, she said I would be returned the ring I made, as customs had told her that it must be returned if the relationship does not go ahead. I felt so lost, and did not know what I could do; I think I may have been away for a day or two from AW coming home with nothing I think I just slept more trying to not face the hurt. But I needed someone to talk to and I had no real friends here other than online, I then returned back online and decided to continue with the competition, at one point I went back to my mars build but it was too quiet so I returned to winter, returning to Alpha with the house I have built for her was to hurtful to visit, eventually I would return and demast the American flag from the second flagpole of the love platform. This hurt was going to last awhile, another thing she had told me she reckoned I had not put enough effort into the relationship, when I had given allot, she seemed more in concern about money wise, as if I could afford to at the time make a flight to Seattle, hmm. I tried to concentrate on the competition, though it was hard that hurt was held inside so much.

Coaster away~ I finally reached the end of the track building and it came to the need to build the actual cart and then to get it working, at this time Bach Zhaa showed me his Critters coaster in Aw and in the end I based my coaster as per that, which I have used as a basis on any other coaster type path, so at first I apply it and try it out it was rather funny when it would rerun the same coordinates no matter where you placed it no matter which world, even Bach had a forum topic where he would explain on this funny coaster object flying all over the place twisting in the air and then returning, I was learning at the time about way points, and with his help I managed to get it working well, though discovered a limitation, as there are only 38 way points, not 40 as the chart showed. my coaster was designed with 40 in mind so I had to optimize the last part the rest could not be, though, one thing though with this competition we discovered that the organization of these were way too close to each other, being next to each other caused issues on lag big time, we were told more about using solid off and ranges which I learned during this time, eventually I could not finish my park as it got too laggy from the one next to me, I soon found out the amount of effects that were thrown into that one as per a video, mine even today is too laggy to ride because of the one next door with all its effects that were put into it, made mine too laggy to ride properly.

Stanly wins an award and V4

We actually had a few more weeks to complete the parks before the awards, than initially were organized, where we had a cutoff time for building as such mostly, and that finishing up and optimizing the animations, or rides, testing etc. Of course when the awards were given I was not able to attend the ceremonies, due to the time difference I may have been at work if I recall and found out the results later on, I won 3rd place with Mariane, at this time Mariane was not on for some days, and eventually we got word in the forum that due to something out of control that she has had to quit aw and said thank you for all the years that she was in aw for, I never heard from her since, she never heard about my award for 3rd, and never heard or saw the railway I had begun at our border. Then all her custom content, textures pictures all disappeared into white panels, never to show their content every again, Crystal City what was has now ended up being a huge waste of land which is sad. After the competition it became lonely again, I had begun on a ship in winter and a research station nearby, the vessel represents an explorer type sailing ship from pre 1900 style that had got stuck in ice and was still stuck fast, and a small research station is close by with a jetty.

Trying to recover from the breakup and mostly alone

With the competitian over and losing one of my freinds, I was all alone again, and with this having had that breakup not that long agao, my emotions were all over the place. The testing world and awseason disapeared, and I felt lost, I decided that I should attempt to build a Cathedral in my new area, known as Stanly , and so begun it, not to long I lost the stain glass textures that were of Marianes and was lucky to recreate them to post on my photobucket, the roads I had also extracted though, not that perfectly though, and still remains that way today at the moment of writing this. Built a major cathedral and was quite proud of it, then built some other houses and a new virtual office for my virtual building company, created a building site next to it and begun on a theme park. With all these emotions I decided that I better build a memorial park labled Love Lost, where I would setup signs around a cirle with a burning memorial flame up in the center, this was to list all my previouse relationships as I was not sure how many I may have, so far it was two. Around this time I outside of aw began to list myself on assorted dating sites, including plenty of fish, but concentrated more with tagged and myspace, soon I would begin to get some interest though not with some messing around first though, messing around meaning for some time I had a few scammers, and some liers, from the uk, america and africa, even one from Sydney, but then I began to find people that truely wanted to be friends and maybe more, I tagged so many from local and even after 6 months there was no replies, and its been over a year and still nothing from any of those, over 80 I had messaged, , but I was getting many from overseas including from the Philippines, which is how I met with one in particular, I do still get so many from over there and now have many friends from over there, but I will not elaberate any further since this AW biography is mostly in relationto AW and not for too much more.

Computer system change again~ Sometime durring this time I was requested by my boss for the Laptop back and was then out of a system for about a month, having to message and visit a internt cafe for a few weeks again, till my boss had a replacement system , a second hand one less powerfull than my last computer of mine had been, and this is the sytem that I currently have

The spread of alternative cultural builds into AW

Or is that the spread of Philippine inspired builds~ I began building a semi modern home considered to be almost a mansion that I had seen on youtube and just at the time fell inlove with the house, thinking I should build it in AW, so I did then I decided to build a new love devotional home, this time philippine inspired simular the the modern ones built today, after sometime I learnt of a historic set of ruins, belonging to a suger barron, whos mansion was set alight durring ww2 to stop it from being captured by the Japanese and used as a headquarters, theres a bit of a story to the Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson Mansion ruins, and from that I eventually hunted for pictures of the structure, where I decided to try to recreate it in Alphaworld, including the fountain at the front and the landscaped gardens/ tents, and in general how it is today, the entire site. Next was the Airport, a recreation of the New Bacolod-Silay Airport in Negros Occidental, but for Aw renamed to New Stanly Airport.

Hello there, in the coming days I will be adding content here, so watchout.