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I am currently known as sacred wolf, but in the past i have had many names; Toa Ketongu, Wolf Luckworth, Commander Mercury, ect. But i am now known as Sacred wolf.


I have been playing activeworlds for as long as i remember, but i do remember finding it from a search of a game (at the time, i was looking for a good game) During that time i have quickly made friends, learnt how to build, ect.

Current projects

I am Currently working on "Project Galactus," somthing i cannot reveal too much about. I can say however that it will be fun. I am also working on "The Four seasons of Ring", somthing like Project Galactus.

Final info

I run Scopal Industries in AW, A company that is still up and running, but not active much anymore. We make buildings for others. If you need somthing made, telegram me! I also own Helix Productions, a gaming company. I am also the owner or about 15 ships, 50 houses, 5 collapsing buildings, 5 completed cities, a TARDIS, and many other things. If you want to meet me, i am usually in AW or AWTeen.