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S e v e n s
Citizen of Active Worlds


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s e v e n s imigrated as a tourist in May of 2003 and shared a citizen with CorporaL Draco around August of 2003. Sevens then became a citizen in 2004. He has held many citizen numbers over the years finally with the latest being #7777. sevens chose his name from a special event in his life earlier that year when he played $ .75 cents in a slot machine at the airport terminal in Las Vegas, NV and won $750 by getting all sevens on the first try. Through out his Vegas trip, he found himself to have lucky expierences everywhere he went. And now he carried over the luck into Active Worlds with his citizen name as "s e v e n s" which he was formerly known as "Lucky Sevens."

Awards & Personal Achievements

  • Received CY Award for 2007 Best Effect (AWFX).
  • Former Director of the AWTeen JAM Guides.
  • Worked with Dr. SquaiLboonT on the SpringHill Public Building Area which was a special building area for tourists and citizens based on the sandbox concept.

Current Projects

Former Community Positions

  • AWTeen JAM Guides - Director & Training Instructor
  • AWTeen Patrol Member
  • AWTeen World OP Manager
  • AWTeen Events Member (Primary function as Paintball Level Design, see: Desert Warfare)
  • AWTeen World Caretaker (Between the months of late October to mid November of 2007)
  • AWFX Particle Effects Developer, World Caretaker & Official AWFX Forum Moderator
  • MARS World Caretaker
  • MARS World OP Manager
  • Peacekeeper Trainee (resigned)
  • AWSchool Teachers Aide Trainee (resigned)

Notable and/or Undocumented Events

  • Section under construction.

External Links

  • Digital4D Website for Interactive Media and Design
  • Moo2u Blog website resource for the Visual FX Community, Free Tutorials, News Articles & More.
  • Help guide Me is a place for free learning for all.