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Citizen of Active Worlds

Joined sometime in 2003...

Citizen Number(s)



Raygoe, Flashbstudios










Lurous Productions

C++ & Python Programmer
(No Longer Banned)

Community Positions Held

AWRealms Project Developer (June '08 - May '09)
ACT Core Team (December '08 - November '09; January '11 - Current)
ACT Caretaker (December '08 - November '09; January '11 - Current)



I've been around a while but never been extremely popular in the AW Community myself. This may come from the lack of conversing with my fellow users. I have done various things in Active Worlds, and being here for about 8 or so years one would assume I would have at least something I am proud of doing. Most of the things I've worked on were either mid-popularity or, in rare cases, very popular. I tend to prefer smaller projects because well... I like them better. To my knowledge I am a reasonable person and never truly made any enemies in Active Worlds. Although I am not sure, it could be that most people simply regard me as there and that's all.

Early Years

Well, I am not sure why I searched for it or how I found it but Active Worlds has definitely changed my perception on life and provided me a decent community to attach myself to. Early in my Active Worlds years I wandered and mostly just did nothing. I wouldn't find my first true home for a couple weeks after I joined. A few weeks after I joined I entered a world named AAWR... I had no idea why, I just went in. I soon found it was a building world ran by the citizen Panther1403. I now probably know more about this world then most people since the owner in question left Active Worlds to join Second Life only a year and a half after I joined. Even though I was a tourist, and it was a big world, I had built over half the allotted space that was provided to the world in question. (It was a p80 my first year and p90 my second year). There was one point in particular that caught my interest in the world. It ran a television script made by Pineriver, an old friend of Panther's, and after months of watching the show Panther gave me the script. That moment, however small, changed my life forever. At that point I had left the realm of a builder and forever changed myself to being a programmer for that moment I set out to learn the language PHP. Since then I have developed a mastery in PHP and know it well enough to do anything (in reason of course). I would say my knowledge of PHP extends far greater then any of my other languages I know. Time passed on and as the world became more popular Panther noticed more and more that he wouldn't be able to renew the world. After a week of goodbyes it was over. AAWR fell into an archive and the website that it once used fell into decay, where it exists to this date. I then set out to set myself in a new community. I visited Mutation and AD&DRPG quite a lot. I used the browsers world search feature and found another RPG, one that was smaller and more out of the way. I visited the world Vega owned by the citizen Vampyre D (a.k.a. Vampyre X). The bot itself was built off of a programmer named The World (I think that was the name at least). A bot written in Visual Basic that was actually quite broken since The World had abandoned the project. The RPG was a p100 sized world (or more) because his brother used to run the Visual Basic SDK (I think his name was Mr. Grimm). I settled myself down in the world to become a player of it. I soon figured out that it need a 3D Modeler. I was proficient in the subject and set out to make them models. I made quite a few before Vampyre himself learned the art and soon blew my creations away. Although I lost a modeling job I learned Visual Basic and set out to fix the broken bot. The bot itself worked somewhat but it was never tested beyond pre-Beta because at that time Mr. Grimm was either fired or left. The world in turn was shut down as it was thought to be completely created by Mr. Grimm without permission of Active Worlds. (This is only what I have heard, take it with a grain of salt.) I was once again without a community to cling to. I then met a citizen named John Tirado and decided I would help him work on his game, StrakRPG. I think it went with another name later on though. I became the 3D Modeler and Builder for the world. It soon became apparent that I was getting in the way so I left the actual game for a while, in that action I also left Active Worlds for some time.

Mid Years

It was a while before I came back (actually probably only three months). I soon came back to find StrakRPG renamed and asked if they wanted a programmer. They accepted as their programmer Mindstorm and Hothead had left. I programmed for them using my old Vega bot but it never worked out. I left because the actual game never suited me and it never seemed to take off. (Also another programmer came to take my place). I then set out for this Godfather person and found him. It seemed like he was a head of a small group of people trying to find out how to start their own universe. It was illegal but I didn't know for a while. (Although I assumed it was pirated although they declined the notion). I soon became distant with them, guessing their intentions. (A hacker group I believe is what they were.) I soon left their group and left for even longer then the other distant time. It now seemed Active Worlds 4.1 would never come out.


I returned after hearing word from a friend that 4.1 had indeed been released and I returned to see the it. It turned out to be more of everything else before. That being so I joined a community which was a building community for a while before deciding Active Worlds just wasn't for me anymore and after 4 years of being in Active Worlds I uninstalled it for the first time. I made myself think that I would never return and held that promise for the longest absence I've ever had and for over a year I didn't return to any Active Worlds product. Months back however... I broke my vow and returned once again to haunt it.

Before AWRealms

After I returned I found a community named NewCity and joined it readily. I had learned a lot of the 4.1 building techniques and built a small building for my TV station. After some work on it I then worked on a Guardbot for the world. It however was cleared of objects many times, the need for a Guardbot was obsolete. I then only popped in and out of the world before leaving it to its death. After that I became interested in AWTeen. I joined and built a building for my AFN Headquarters, which I had been working on. Time went on while I loafed, doing nothing. I decided that I needed to learn the new styles of building so I studied the use of primitives in building and increased my building knowledge in V4 techniques. After that I begun to study realism building (creating a build that, if AW used Physics it would be structurally stable.) In doing so, it makes buildings look much more real and provides a better looking build in general. I then focused on working on my small TV-Set, Auburnburg, which still stands mostly empty in AWTeen (500s 3500e). While working on it I received a telegram from an old fellow-caretaker of NewCity saying that he had an empty p-40 that I could use for an RPG project idea I had. I went to his world, Isathie, and started work on a new Time Travel Multi-World RPG based roughly on the Magician's Nephew's (C.S. Lewis) Portal-World system. After the bot's HUD was completed we decided that we didn't have enough room to build it on a p-40 and petitioned the Mostly-Dead Active Worlds Construction Team. It was led by Lee R and a fellow Isathie Staff member, PrinceBullet. After 2 months, in which ACT had a significant revival, no motion was made on the project idea, WarpAW. I talked to Tom about it and in a week, we had a direction and a decent sized world. However, due to the lack of interest in the fact that there were already too many RPGs, it died weeks after that. I had personal issues with Active World in which I left for 5 months. I returned again to AW much like it was before. However, I had a few new commands to learn (like the Scale Command). After discovering them, I teleported to the ACT world where I met both of its project leaders who were talking of restarting ACT like it was in the Summer Months of 2007. I came in the nick of time and all three of us have been actively trying to get the word out about ACT's Revival.


On May 15, 2009 I was banned from Active Worlds.

I want to make it known that I am sorry for the Alphaworld incident where I crashed the Alphaworld server, thereby potentially ruining several builds that were in progress. I also apologize for knowingly filling up so much room in Alphaworld, while knowing full well that good land is scarce. I want everyone to know that I will not do such a thing again. If you lost land because of my actions, please contact me and I will gladly remove any pieces of my property, whether it be useful to me or not. If you lost time while building or if I ruined buildings while I selfishly crashed Alphaworld because of land placement, please realize that I am deeply sorry. I hope you have it in your heart to forgive me; however, if you don't, I understand.

On November 9, 2009 I was unbanned.

Long Hiatus

From Late November 2009 to Early January 2011, I was on an extended hiatus. I said things on here that were not relevant to Active Worlds and after over a year of being away, I'm back. This time, hopefully for longer than a week. I'm starting off a bit slow because so many of my different community users are banned at the moment (forum user, core wiki user, etc.) I was reinstated into ACT a few days after I returned and I am currently developing the bot for AW@War.


Current and Previous Projects

At one time I was well known for my television. I started numerous stations finally to introduce my cornerstone product: AFN (Auburnflame Network) combining all the stations that are in use today in one click. It combines about 10 television stations into one TV so you can watch what you want without having to edit your TV.

After I obtained PineRiver's source I released it as there was no license to it. I have now made a near perfect TV script and yet, I don't like the media enough to use it in these ways.

At this point, neither AFN nor any of my PHP-based stations are running. Nor, at the time of this edit, are any PHP-based stations. Active Worlds seems to have lost interest in watching them. Or, at least, that's what it looks like.


While I used to do various projects for people, lately at least, I am too busy. Previous successful projects include a Bankbot, an RPG bot and various Massive Tree and Land Seeding programs. (See above for what happened after I used some of the seeding algorithms in Alphaworld.) I program mainly in C++ (MinGW, GCC). However, I sometimes use Visual C# (in which case, I use Visual Studio.)

Projects I have programmed for:

  • Various Auburnflame/Lurous Projects. (Not AW Related)
  • Vega
  • StrakRPG
  • NewCity
  • ACT
  • AWRealms
  • Lurous Bankbot
  • Various TV Station Scripts (Technically its scripting)
  • AW@War (Current)


I have a keen sense for building even though I haven't done so many times. I have created numerous realism structures and even some Sci-Fi and Fantasy. It's my personal favorite pass-time. Almost all projects I join have me as a builder/programmer.

Projects I have built for:

  • AWRealms
  • Auburnburg
  • StrakRPG
  • NewCity
  • ACT
  • Evolution
  • AW@War (Current)

3D Modeling

While I am not a good 3D modeler, I can generally make what I need if I spend enough time at it. I use Blender then I export it to ZBrush and skin/texture/sculpt it in there. After that, I export it into an OBJ and then back into Blender where I export it into a .X or a .RWX.

Projects I have modeled for:

  • Vega


This autobiography was designed quickly through memory and not through fact. If you know anything here that might be miss-interpreted or wrong go ahead and change it. (Really, I don't mind!) Everything here is how I remember it and shouldn't be taken as a direct source of history.


Thanks Active Worlds, your program has inspired me forever. (and still does!)