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Citizen of Active Worlds


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PB, PrinceBullet, Bullet, Peanut Butter


United States










How PrinceBullet Found Active Worlds

PrinceBullet found Active Worlds early in 2003 after typing in a search on a popular search engine. He became interested in the concept and had to check it out. PrinceBullet found that it was a cool program and taught himself to build within the first two weeks. In 2004 he won a citizenship from a event. PrinceBullet continued to pay for his citizenship until early 2005. Due to certain reasons, PrinceBullet resigned from Active Worlds and moved to SpiralMatrix. He purchased a world within the SpiralMatrix universe and kept it updated. While owning a world in SpiralMatrix, PrinceBullet learned to create 3D Models using the Wings3D Software. His world soon became flourished with custom objects. PrinceBullet then started visiting the Active Worlds Universe as a tourist once Active Worlds 4.1 had its public release. In early 2007, PrinceBullet renewed his citizenship in Active Worlds. PrinceBullet became familiar with the new features of 4.1 and shortly received a P-10 world, given to him by King RaMel o and Queen RaMel o. PrinceBullet began to use this new world as a sandbox world for testing his objects and as new versions of Active Worlds 4.1 were released, he used his world to test the new features out. PrinceBullet became interested in creating avatar SEQs so, he began learning how to create them. He found that he liked working with SEQs and made many for his world and others. PrinceBullet then became interested in learning how to create bots in Active Worlds. He created his first functional bot October 5th, 2007.

Favorite Builds

  • Yellow City - May, 2007
  • Yellow Unofficial Object Yard - May, 2007

Contests / Awards

  • ActiveWorlds Extreme Building Contest - Received a score of either a 4 or a 5. Awarded V4 Rights in AlphaWorld.
  • Multiworld Hunt Christmas 2007 - Ranked 31st place with 53869 points by finding 3010 prizes . Awarded a free PAV from AW_PAVs world.

Volunteer Work

  • AWTours Tours Guide - Joined as a Tours Guide
  • BingoTrs Bingo Host - Served as a Bingo Host but, quit in September, 2007
  • AWNewbie Watchkeeper - Former AWNewbie Watchkeeper in training, quit
  • ACT ACT Volunteer - ACT Volunteer
  • Awesome Greeter Director - Greeter Director of the Awesome Project and quit in September, 2007
  • Tank Wars Project - Project Leader of the Tank Wars Project
  • AWDebate Admin - In charge of AWDebate restoration

Bots & Tools

  • PrinceBullet's AWBot 3.6 - Designed for private use in the SpiralMatrix 3.6 universe October 5th, 2007.