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Lensman joined Active Worlds in 1999. He has been a Peacekeeper for 5 years he retired for 4 years and recently returned to active duty and is currently a member of Core.

His builds include the world Harps which is a world dedicated to information about the Harp. He also owns the private world of Arisia. Among his best builds are the information rooms, and the Off World Navy in Alphaworld. Additionally, he built the 507 station, over ten years, the Teleport Maze. The maze is the only cheat proofed maze in AW and the most difficult to solve.

He is caretaker for AWSource a unique collection of news related information rooms. AWSource belongs to the Activeworlds company.

He contributed to the AW newsletter. He provided a segment in the AW newsletter called the "Teleport Maze Station of the month" as well as on called "Peacekeeper Tips".

Lensman is an active Peacekeeper (PK64).

Lensman has an extensive background in VR beginning in 1982 with an Apple II computer running Apple World. He has beta tested for the Virtus Corporation and Activeworlds. He speaks on the subject of VR at Professional Conventions, several in Washington DC, as well as four separate World Science Fiction Conventions. In 2010 his "Army Family Support Center" AW 5005.43S 10060.23W 0.63a 356 was a winner the first Federal Virtual World Challenge sponsored by the U.S. Army Research Engineering and Development Command (REDCOM). He is also a founding member of the Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds sponsored by the National Defense University in Washington D.C.

In 2006 he was awarded a Cy for Lifetime Achievement.

His web page is Davison Associates [1]