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Citizen of Activeworlds

Aliases Bifty, Zendra, Kapara

Citizen Since May 2004

Citizen Number(s) 354781, 361783

Location Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Favorite Avatar(s) Torek

Favorite World AWTeen


Kapara started as a tourist around 2003, she stayed as a tourist around a year before becoming a citizen on May 30th 2004.

She started out with a bunch of school friends building pointlessly and haunting AWNewbie. After becoming a citizen, she became great friends with ZARU in which she followed him about everywhere thus making her 'home world' Zeo(X rated), which sadly no longer exists.

She never really played a big part in AWTeen until mid 2007 when she began to train as a Just Ask Me. This was soon cut off when Strike Rapier became Governor. She was then given the position of a Teen Patrol, then later assigned to AWTeen Minor Events Director.

Since then she widened her aspect of ActiveWorlds and explored the depths of other worlds.

Kapara now frequents AWTeen, Beer, Flagg15, and AW.

Beer being her own world, which currently is undergoing extreme maintenance.