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born 8/19/51 died 2/2/02

Honeydukes AW History

Honeydukes (June), is the late wife of RonVondaH (Barnerbee). She became a citizen of Active Worlds in 2000. She enjoyed chatting at the old Yellow ground zero, and occasionally hosted in one of the bingo worlds. She has a few minor builds in Alpha, Yellow, and WildAW. She made many friends in Yellow, but encountered some hostility in some people that used bad language, and lewd behavior, which she was against.

She loved seeing "Honeydukes and Barnerbee's Wildlife Park" AW 1467.85N 1082.93W 0.02a 107 becoming what it was, and even nominated it for a Cy Award in 2001.

Ron, or (Barnerbee) dedicated his 2006 Cy Award for Best Art to June, and placed it at the entrance of the Wildlife Park.

Her memorial site, which was built by Citizen Myssie, can be visited in Alpha, AW 7943.68N 447.65E 0.04a 360

There is also a Memorial Stone for Honeydukes at Alpha Ground Zero. AW 2004.81N 6992.63E 0.08a 101