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DimJim immigrated on August 6, 2006. He was given his citizenship by the combined efforts of Zoo Keeper and Demon Wolf.

In his tourist years, he built very random things in worlds. He then decided to go to AWTeen. After a while, he found someone in GZ on the day paintball is supposed to run. The person's name was MetalGear Volcan. He had the town Volcan City.

{(Next information is partially from my friend Peterc)}

The town had a slight Pokemon theme. Peterc was MGV's friend, I met him also, that's another story. After a while there was a party. Peterc was AFK most of the time. There were a group of avs talking about the best Pokemon. After a while, Peterc's friend Celery came and made a new av that said 'cracka-chu is the best pokeeman'. This randomly sparked a war which ended in the complete oblideration of Volcan City. MetalGear Volcan changed his name to Harry Miste. He then made the town Cyprus Hill (which does have a jump point in AWTeen). Then his name was Matt Forden. DimJim built random things around here... then Andrew found the coords. He told DimJim to t a l k l i k e t h i s o n g l o b a l. Every space is a block between lines.

A long time passed, and DimJim got his citizen in the parking lot of Wal-Mart. When it ran out, DimJim miraculously won Bingo. Then he could finally support his cit.

DimJim rarely changes his username, and is currently found in AW,AWTeen,Uniden and Jacob. Sometimes he visits other worlds. If he had one wish about Active Worlds, it's that he had a 4000 coordinate world that never ran out with a Pokemon Object Path.

All information gathered by the one and only...

--DimJim 07:40, 12 December 2006 (EST)