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Citizen Number 241696
Aliases Dataman (#173)
Citizen Since

Dataman (also known as Datedman) is a prominent citizen and had a large role in community involvement in the early years of Alphaworld. He is responsible for the New World Times, first issued on August 20, 1995, and his company was involved in the management of newsgroups, email, and support for Active Worlds until 1997.

Dataman, whose real name is Russell Freeland, is the former holder of citizen #173 of Active Worlds, which has now been acquired by Princess Leia who had also acquired grover's former citizenship as well.

Dataman received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 1998 Cy Awards.


New World Times

The New World Times.

The New World Times, first issued on August 20, 1995, is the first publication of its kind in Alphaworld and perhaps on the 3d Internet. Dataman is notable for his service as an editor-in-chief of New World Times, perhaps considered to be an ancestor from which many news publications serving Active Worlds descended from (i.e. AWNews, etc.), roughly from 1995 to 1997.

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