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DMC2U has passed away.

DMC2U immigrated to Activeworlds in February of 1997 and was one of the most prominent citizens in the Active Worlds Universe. He held the position(s) of AWGuides Administrator, Associate Director / Admin in the Gatekeepers, AWBingo Lead Host and is was the President of the AWHS. DMC2U was a world owner since the year 2000 (Dmc2u) where he has a gallery of many AW people taken at reunions and awards of his achievements in Activeworlds.



After joining the Gatekeepers in January of 1998, DMC2U advanced to eventually hold every available position in the Gatekeepers Organization.


DMC2U has been the AWGuides Administrator since the start of the AWGuides in December of 2003.


DMC2U replaced King Tex as Lead AWBingo Host in January of 2008. AWBingo Cy Award Winner 2009 - Best Interactive Game.

CY Awards

DMC2U has participated in the CY Awards in different capacities for many years and was awarded the CY Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006. He also accepted the 2009 Award for Best Interactive Game for AWBingo.


DMC2U has been a member of the Activeworlds Historical Society since its beginning. Most recently he has renewed interest in this group to be a Fun and informative source for the Activeworlds Community.

DMC2U is a DJ for Activeworlds Virtual Reality Radio