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Chorus Line
Citizen of Active Worlds


Citizen Number(s)



Evil One, Chorus Line, Destroyer


The black cave of dead souls


Mrs Tourist







I eat babies!

Reign of Terror

Chorus line's reign of terror has spanned out through many milennia. She has been ruling with an iron fist for nine years (since 1999). She has also begun stretching her tendrils of darkness accross the world of AWNewbie recently, which has caused much alarm, many a horrified scream can oftentimes be heard reverberating from AWNewbie, a condemned area which none now enter. Who knows when the tyranny will end. I sure don't! All I know is that a knight in shining blue armor will reveal himself to smite the dragonlord of ActiveWorlds known as Chorus Line!

Chorus Line also enjoys long walks on the beach as villages burn in her wake. She also loves walking her many demon hounds which are extremely lovable, don't shake if they bite you, you'll be dead soon anyway.

Chorus Line also enjoys covering herself in gunk and performing Tribal War dances in front of many people, sometimes audiences of up to 100. But she is propably more likely to grow horns, grab out her witch staff and curse you into oblivion. Her face, surprisingly enough is covered in warts. No amount of lathering with Wart Cream will do, she also has to eat Tourists souls for sustenance, sometimes reaching her hand into their bodies and ripping out their hearts, devouring it shortly afterwards.

She also had a short cameo role in Doom the Movie as an Imp. No make-up was needed. Bruhahaha!