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Cahalane (Michael C. Cahalane, born 1985, Cork, Ireland) joined Active Worlds in the late 90's. Having developed a virtual city within Alphaworld named 'Dunmanway' at 3734n 373e (since demolished) as well as being an active participant and organiser of several amateur RPG's within the virtual world, Cahalane went on to become the Caretaker of AWTeen. During this time Cahalane founded the core, a governing system aimed at developing and managing the AWTeen community with initial meetings taking place at "Core Tower" within AWTeen. Returning to AW on several occasions since his departure from the Core in 2000, Cahalane is also a resident within Second Life (Cahalane Zepp). Currently, Cahalane is undertaking a research masters (MSc) studying the collaborative production of digital goods within virtual worlds having previously graduated with a degree in Business Information Systems from the University College of Cork in 2008.

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