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Blue Hampster
Citizen of Active Worlds

September 2007

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United Kingdom








Firenet Creations Open Top Systems

Personal Information

I have been a member of Activeworlds since September 2007, although in the past I used to go by another citizen, .vamp. (347948), which I ended due to lack of spare time back in 2002/2003. I used to own the world Meteor (P-10/5) and the 3D Home Page Death. I now own the world Pharos (P-30/10). Pharos started out as a P-20/10 world, but was upgraded when I decided to use it as an RPG World. This world is still under construction but shall be opened to the public soon once it has been completed and the bots written. I am also building a server system that I hope to use as a hosting service for bots and worlds, as well as webspace for custom object paths.

Active Worlds Skills

Bot Programming

I am a proficient programmer in Visual Basic and C#, and therefore have expanded this skill into SDK programming for worlds in the Active Worlds Collective (all universes). I used to use VB 6.0 to write bots back in 2002/2003 but recently I have upgraded to using VB 8.0 since Byte's .NET SDK Wrapper was released, which has been a huge help. I have written several usefull bots including:

  • Weather Bot (Almost Completed)
  • Terrain Bot (Used for converting a 2D image into a Terrain that can stretch beyond Cell Limits)
  • Pharos Controller (The bot that is controlling my world for the moment)
  • Time Bot (For changing the Sky object 2002/2003)

I am willing to give away a few of these bots, as well as selling custom made bots for some people.

Terrainbot.jpg Terrain0.jpg

Object Modelling

Although my object modelling skills are not as some people's skills, they are sufficient for me to create unique objects for my world. These objects include village houses, crystal peices, buildings. I have used programms like Bryce and Pro/Desktop to make the objects, although they are not the greatest, they are sufficient. I am trying to learn how to make objects in programs such as Cinema 4D and Animation Master, but with little luck. If anyone could help me with that, please telegram me.

Hosting Service

Once the server system I am building is complete and my webservers are fully deployed, I am planning on starting a small hosting service for Active Worlds (and other universes). I will be hosting bots (with checked out code), worlds (that will be administered through a secure web interface), and Object Paths (with FTP access). If you are interested, telegram me.

Firenet Creations