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Citizen of Active Worlds
Aliases BGG, Gem
Status Active (For Now!)
Citizen Since September 17, 1999
Citizen Number 307543
Location United States
Favorite Avatar(s) Rick
Favorite World AlphaWorld
Favorite Build My Starting Point
Personal Website N/A

Hello! My name is Blue Green Gem and you've stumbled upon my userpage.


I stumbled upon ActiveWorlds on my own in May of 1998. I entered as a tourist by the name of 'Kylaran Mage'. For approximately several months, my horrible builds were littered all throughout AlphaWorld in bizarre locations in a feeble attempt to hide them from other tourists or citizens.

I left for a period of time but returned in June 1999 with a new name (Odraen) and three good friends - Leandria, Erdenshire, and SueAnn. We settled in R-Town in July 1999.

Come September of that year, I decided that I was finally willing to pay for citizenship and wanted to celebrate the new citizenship by picking my current silly username. I always figured I could change it shortly later but never did...

Riff and Gaia both convinced me to start a town during the big town craze. On February 20, 2000, I established Neverwhere. My heart was never really into this project. I consider this town -inactive-.

In 2001, I was appointed a 'City Council Member' of R Town.


-Will Add Soon-

Whatever else...

I consider R Town as my home so a big part of my building activity will always be in or near the area. Because of the high price, my citizenship is not always active. I tend to 'borrow' other citizenships and build whenever the mood strikes me.