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Bach Zhaa
Citizen of Active Worlds


Citizen Number(s)

360197 (current)


mad builder 361955


wandering alpha


CAV Bach, (closet birde)


Alpha World

Builds next one



Fantazya ...when a dream explodes into a reality, when a thought becomes an obsession, when a moment lasts a thousand lifetimes

Bach Zhaa

(pronounced Bock Za)

Bach Zhaa immigrated to Active Worlds at the end of June 2006. A tourist for 2 weeks and an additional 10 days waiting on snailmail he was activated on July 18th 2006 as citizen 360197.


Bach tells a story, while he was still a tourist deciding about his citizenship of a moment where Chrispeg, AWI's lead programmer appeared in chat as the avatar of the Immigration Officer at the Gate.
In an show of VR theatrics, Bach exclaimed in chat,
"OMG! I think I just met a god!"
The crowd chuckles.
What happened next, Bach can only describe as truly amazing for the moment. Chrispeg whispered to Bach in chat,
"I am a god, Bach" ..then gave him public speaker rights or bolds at the AWGate for the rest of the evening.
Bach will say that it was that moment that he knew Active Worlds was home.


As a architecture graduate, an artist and self-employed handyman, Bach began work August 1 2006, on the 3D version of his fantasy novel Fantazya in Active Worlds. Fantazya was and still is intended to be a walk through story where the viewer can choose either to see the story through Bach's, the main characters, eyes or through one of many other colorful characters. It is meant to be immersive and entirely interactive on the level of The Sims Realizing that that level of animation within Active Worlds takes a period of time to learn and be proficient at, Bach turned to the Birthday Community for a way to meet friends as well as a way to hone building skills in a controlled setting.


Bach, short for Bachyss, Zhaa, a title or honorarium, is the fictitious character in a lengthy, but unpublished work by J. Mica Howarth, entitled Fantazya. When the rough draft became almost a thousand pages long, when the drawings and illustrations filled closets and after wondering if the vision of Fantazya was ever to be realized, Bach and his avatar bud in real life, found Active Worlds.

"As an writer, artist, sculpter, craftsman, Architect Grad., I couldn't believe such a thing was possible, to stop writing and drawing this beautiful, but long winded story 'describing' my world, and just build it"

So as of August 1, 2006 Fantazya and Bach Zhaa were born again.

Active Worlds Awards/Honors


Shangri la - Won V4 Building Rights in Alpha. -- V4s_R_Us 8.67S 4.10E 1a 195 ‡
Windswept Isle - Won 1st Place and $250 AW Dollars. -- awsky_07 0N 0W 1a 90 ‡
Fish'r Balloon - Won 1st Place and $250 AW Dollars -- rides_ii 1.88N 10.58E 1a 240 ‡
Bach's Office at the Gate - Won V4 Building Rights in Alpha -- awgate 4.85S 27.74E 2.36a 312 ‡
There's a Fly Won V4 Building Rights in Yellow World -- yellow 1792.34S 1805.89E 1a 335 ‡
A Mars Landing Won V4 Building Rights in Mars World -- mars 1922.95N 985.29W 1a 0 ‡
Mania Park Won 1st Prize. and Terrain Rights in Winter World -- winter 7.46S 1498.24W 1.04a 274 ‡
Zhaa'dom - The Neighborhood Board Game - Forfeited Contest -- awebts_3 14.38N 7.24E 1a 0

Noteworthy Contributions

...check out Bach's Blog
  • Alpha Mechanics - Apr-2007 - Officially Opened -- teleport to Alpha Mechanics - Alpha World::Alpha Mechanics began as a community build yard started by Bach Zhaa as a response to the complexities of the new (and not so new) building techniques being introduced in Active Worlds and more specifically - alpha world. It was intended to show, by example, the codes and techniques brought in from the whole community to give back to the whole community as a way for all of us to grow as builders.
  • AWExpo 2007 - A Light in the Dark - Nov-2007, Bach Zhaa's entry demonstration booth at the AWExpo 2007 -- teleport to 'A Light in the Dark'

Notable Builds


  • The Crittter - Roller Coaster - Oct-2007, Created originally as a birthday present for a special friend, The Crittter highlights in one place, most of the recent V4 advancements and is a showpiece for alpha world. -- teleport to 'The Crittter' in Crittter Park
  • WildAW Ground Zero - Double Mine Roller Coaster - June-2007, Unique Honor - Creation of Ground Zero in AWI Public World -- teleport to WildAW Ground Zero



Animated Builds



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