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Arnold NYC
Citizen of Active Worlds (universe)


Citizen Number(s)

363672(Current) and 362617(Old/expired)


Arnold NYC, Arine or Lord Huntington


New York,NY




Alphaworld , America, AWTeen and Sedan


SW City , Neophyx City and other cities


-Active- Mayor , Police Commissioner , JAM ,Memeber of AWTeen Events Team and Secretary of State for Home Department for Palmshire

Arnold NYC is a Citizen of Active Worlds who joined in 2005. He has a city in AWTeen called Huntington City.

Early Life in Active Worlds

Arnold NYC was a tourist when he joined in 2005. He became a Citizen around 2006-2007 in his Old Citizenship Chief Arnold(362617). His citizenship expired around 2008. He Won a new one at BingoTrs, and got Cit #363672. He named it Arnold NYC and today he uses 363672 the most! He does not want anymore citizenships, he wants to keep his current one(363672).

Huntington City

He founded Huntington City with Citizen Ali. and Dashie567 on July 11, 2009 in AWTeen Prime near the Expressway that links New Arklay City and Moonlight Heights. He is the mayor of the city with his Deputy Mayor Ali.

H.C Joins The Commonwealth of Palmshire

Huntington City joined the Commonwealth of Palmshire in Febuary 20th, 2011. Ex-Governor GC made him Secretary of State for Home Department for Palmshire and he was reappointed by Governor Nibbles when GC was dismissed.

JAM and AWTeen Events

Arnold NYC signed up for Just Ask Me Guide and AWTeen Events in AWTeen in 2010 because he wanted to help his community. He got accepted into the two of them.

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