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This article is about the fictive nation from the fictional environment of Sedan. Part, or all, of the subjects in this article are only theoric and meant for informative use. For the world of Sedan, see Sedan's main article.

United Islands Of Pacific
UIflag.jpg UI coat of arms 2011.jpg
Flag Coat of arms

Motto: Unified through the sea

United Islands Archipelago from Space 2010.jpg
Capital Panala
Largest City Sedan

National languages English (de facto)

Demonym -Pacifican,
-Pacifican Islander, or

Government Federal Parliamentary Democracy
-Governor-General Nyxboy
-Prime Minister Jane Kelly Ki'Lura
-Speaker unknown

-Union Act August 1, 1808
-Commonwealth Act January 1, 1860
-Statute of Westminster December 11, 1931
-US Occupation Dec, 1941 - May 25, 1949
-United Islands Act May 25, 1949

-Total unknown
-Water (%) unknown

Population 13,795,000
Density unknown

GDP (nominal)
-Total unknown
-Per capita unknown

Gini unknown

HDI unknown

Currency United Islands dollar ($)

Time zone UTC+12:00

Date format d/m/yyyy, d/m/yy

Drives on the Right

Internet Domains
-TLD .uip
-Second-level - .com.uip
- .gov.uip
- .nl.uip
(for each states initials)
- .info.uip
- .org.uip

Calling code unrevealed

The United Islands officially the Commonwealth of the United Islands of Pacific, is an island country in the south Pacific Ocean. Its capital is Panala and its largest city is Sedan.


First European contact

Many of these islands were inhabited by indigenous Polynesians organized in loose chieftainships.

European communication began in 1521 when the Portuguese explorers sighted the southeastern coast of the current Nuwa Lueza island that they first named Terra Lueza. Dutch explorers came across islands of the Northeastern territories in 1720, and British explorers visited the Terra Lueza and Taluwah islands in 1768. A second British mission brought explorers to visit the Eight Lands Archipelago, now also identified as the Metropolitan Archipelago or the Main Archipelago, in 1769 and stayed for a year.

The eight colonies

From 1774, the first eight British colonies progressively started to settle permanently on each of the eight main islands of the archipelago.

The main island groups that make up the United Islands were not officially unified until the establishment of the Union of the Island Colonies of Pacific in 1808.

The Commonwealth Union

By the year of 1857, the Union had established their own responsible government, managing most of their own affairs while remaining part of the British Empire. On January 1st of 1860 the Union claimed more autonomy from the United Kingdom and formed the Commonwealth Union of Pacific. However, the United Kingdom only recognized the Commonwealth Union officially in 1862 with the passing of the Commonwealth Act.

World War II and the U.S. cultural influence

During World War II and the years that followed, the Union was took over by the United States of America, considering the territory to be a strategic location. The U.S. Army occupied the archipelago and settled many facilities in each of the eight states of the Union. Most of them were settled in the capital cities and the Union ended up to be re-identified by the U.S. as the United Island territories of Pacific. These years, the Pacificans society has been significantly influenced by the American culture, although a British background still remained.

During the years that followed the war, disputes about the United Island Territories sovereignty were constant among the eight capitals and brought many debates about the future of the Union, assumed to be a U.S. territory.


It is in 1949, that the Pacificans gained peacefully their complete autonomy by passing the United Islands act; declaring the United Islands Territories as a sovereign state and formed the Commonwealth of the United Islands of Pacific. The U.I. Constitution proclaimed each of the eight states of the main archipelago to become a federated state and included all the distant islands, atoll, and archipelagos that were also parts of the U.S. United Island Territories as parts of the Commonwealth of which the city of Panala has been chosen to become the official federal capital.

Government and politics

Parliament House of Panala, January, 2011

The United Islands is a Federal parliamentary democracy where the Prime Minister of the United Islands is the highest political official in the country by influence and recognition. The present governing PM is Jane Kelly Ki'Lura, (current mandate 2006-present). The federal government as most of their installations are settled in Panala, the capital city of the country.

Political divisions


The United Islands archipelago from space in 2009.

The United Islands territory is composed of hundreds of islands and atolls in the South Pacific Ocean comprising the main or metropolitan archipelago itself composed of eight main islands, the eigth largest land mass of the archipelago, formed by ancient volcanoes.


The climate of the United Islands is typical for a tropical area. Warm all year with an average temperature ranging between 20°C and 30°C.

Flora and fauna


The United Islands has a wealthy economy where technologies, tourism, finance and agriculture occupy an important place. The nation's currency is the UI Dollar(UID) and its own fictive stock exchange is identified as the UISX.


With a population of 13,795,000, the archipelago can be considered densely populated for a land of its kind. However an average islander lives in one of the U.I. metro areas. A small amount of the rest lives where agriculture and land exploitation are permitted. But these zones are limited since a significant percentage of the territory is strictly protected by the state and federal authorities resulting with many areas that are barely uninhabited. These measures were implemented to control the urban spread and to protect the flora and the fauna that are particularly vulnerable to human development in this part of the world.

Demography of the 8 U.I states, the capital territory and their capital cities

The UI Archipelago at night showing the population density in 2009.
States, Capital Cities and Population.
State-Island State Population Capital Capital-Metro Population
 Nuwa Lueza  6,150,000  Sedan  5,000,000
 Taluwah  3,390,000  Lewington  3,000,000
 Capital Area
 1,500,000  Panala  1,500,000
 North Palm Isl.
 995,000  Palm City
 Ashfax Isl.
 700,000  Ashfax  700,000
 Albizia Isl.
 400,000  Albizia  400,000
 South Palm Isl.
 260,000  Luh Yawa
 Luwapy  250,000  Luwa Bay
 Pawana  150,000  Port Vincent
 United Islands  13,795,000  Panala  1,500,000


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