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A male tourist visiting the AWGate
Tourist was also the name of a world owned by former citizen LtBrenton.

A Tourist is a user who doesn't own a citizen account; easily identifiable by their light grey chat text and the quotation marks surrounding their username in both the chat window and above their avatar.


Tourists are subject to large number of disadvantages and do not get to experience the browser to the full extent. Here is a list of some of the limitations they experience:

  1. Restricted to visiting worlds that allow for tourist access.
  2. Restricted to building in worlds that allow tourist building.
  3. All tourist building, if not protected by a bot, can be deleted by anyone (tourists and citizens).
  4. Nagging messages about the benefits of becoming a citizen in the chat window at set intervals.
  5. Cannot keep a contact list or receive telegrams. No contact list means they can't join or invite friends.
  6. Restricted to only two types of avatar in any