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Capital Lewington
Largest Community Lewington
Type Federated State
Established August 1, 1808
Population 3,390,000
(Island total 4,890,000)
Government of Taluwah
Governor Alexander H. Barnett

Taluwah, pronounced /tæluwə/, is an island and one of the 8 federated states of the United Islands. Its state capital and largest city is the city of Lewington, also the second largest city of the nation. The island is also the location of the city of Panala, the national capital and the second largest city of the island. The state of Taluwah is governed by present governor, Alexander Hulu Barnett.


The island hosts the cities of Lewington, the nation's second largest city and capital of the state of Taluwah, and the city of Panala, the national capital of the United Islands. The island is the second largest, the second most populated, and the only one of the 8 islands of the metropolitan archipelago to be divided into two political territories, being the state of Taluwah and the federal capital territory of Panala.


The state of Taluwah is the second most populous state of the nation with 3,390,000 residents. A majority of this population is concentrated in Lewington's metropolitan area situated in the central area of the island.

State economy

The state has a wealthy economy where high-tech, biotechnology, renewable energy research industries and tourism occupy a major place in the urban areas while agriculture occupies almost the totality of the industry in the rural regions where tropical fruits and vanilla are cultivated.

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